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To hold the support at this angle I cut-out a 42″ and an 18″ vertical supports. Those are then screwed to a 4' long 2×4 using some scrap plywood to brace the corners. All the scrap plywood was just cut from the pieces leftover from between the reindeer and sleigh cutouts. Making Santa's Sleigh How to make a Santa's sleigh on the scroll saw.Materials used:-18 mm thick paulownia wood-6 mm thick plywood-4 mm thick plywood-PVA glue-CA glueFree patterns.. Christmas is right around the corner ! In this video I show how i make my little wooden sleigh. Its simple and easy. Enjoy!Visit my Website for plans on how.

Here is the wooden hanging sleigh and reindeer in its full beauty. Here is what the reverse side of the wooden outdoor decor looks like - with the outdoor lights: And, I lost the daylight pretty quickly, so I lucked out in seeing the lit-up wooden reindeer and Santa sleigh right away. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out #Santasleigh #Christmasdecoration #diysleighSanta Sleigh Christmas Decorations | How To Make Santa Claus Sleigh Cart | DIY CraftsLaneWith Christmas just arou.. Dec 14, 2016 - Build a cheery DIY Santa's Sleigh out of 3/4 plywood for your Christmas decor. Fill the sleigh with presents of use as a photo prop

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I made some reindeer and wanted to also make a sleigh for them to pull so here is my video of the completions of their ride Subscribe Ankhang Handmade: https://goo.gl/q7PGazIn this video I show you how to make 3d origami santa claus sleigh , I hope you will like itThank for watchi.. Oct 9, 2019 - Explore DOROTHY PERVANGER's board REINDEER AND SLEIGH on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas crafts, christmas wood, reindeer and sleigh Standing Santa Woodcraft Pattern. This 3-dimensional standing Santa is a breeze to make using our full-size pattern and 1/2 thick exterior grade plywood.... YA206. Holiday Yard Art - Cowboy. A ready-to-use, low cost Christmas display with a high quality airbrushed look! Decorate your yard, a walk or a driveway..

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Many thematic Printable papers this Christmas that could be a lovely way to boost the creativity of your kids! printable santa sleigh #1: Free Download & Print New Santa Sleigh Coloring Page 76 For Print With In glum.me. printable santa sleigh #2: Free Download & Print Santa on Sleigh coloring page | Free Printable Coloring Pages I love traditions and fun things I can do with my kids. I have it all planned out and wanted a cute special way to have the elf arrive at our home. My mom had a Santa sleigh decoration that I loved growing up. It looks so cute with a little Santa in it and a few little gift wrapped packages. I knew I wanted to make one if I could To make the top part of the wooden sleigh, mark the sides of the plywood and cut them out with a jigsaw. Paint the wood in red. Drill three holes on the ends of the back and front parts of the wood. Screw the back flush with the back inside edge of the sides. Do the same for the front inside edge Unfinished Wood: Sleigh - Large, Wooden Sleighs. This would be a fun piece to paint while reminiscing about childhood memories and stories of horse-drawn sleigh rides. I can hear the jingle bells now, I hope you can too. This piece was made with the highest grade of alder hardwood and the sleigh runners are detachable for shipment and storage Paint of your choice. Steps. 1) Draw or use pattern to create outline on plywood. 2) Use Jigsaw to cut plywood. 3) Sand edges of plywood with sand paper. 4) Paint sleigh to your liking. 5) Assemble by sliding head and foot board into slots. **When using a jigsaw, wear protective gear and eyewear. Download the Sleigh Stencil

Attach the 2 ears to the head. Now the DIY wood reindeer is ready to go! He looks pretty good out by the Santa Sleigh, or cozy by the fire. Maybe I'll have to make a second one for the fireplace. Be sure to check out the other awesome projects in the 13 Days of a Woodworkers Christmas. My Love 2 Create - Decorative Scrap Wood Signs December. How to make a levitating Santa sleigh and reindeer. Stack 4 of your ring magnets together. Glue your ring magnets to the base. Fill the hole with hot glue and put your wood dowel inside. Place one ring magnet on the dowl so it repels the other four. Make your Santa sleigh and glue to the top, levitating magnet

Santa's helpers (students from UC Woodlawn Charter Schools) solder resistors to Christmas LEDs. This holiday season, MAKE has teamed up with Craftsman, Chicago's Butler Street Foundry and hackerspace Pumping Station One to create a number of techie projects as part of the Craftsman Experience store. The main collaboration is an Ultimate Santa's Sleigh, complete with an air cannon, LED. Santa Sleigh Cutout Wood wiliness how much wood is needed to build a house swanky Decor in matching Mrs. Free Craft figure for Santa Claus loft bed plans ana white Sleigh and gratis wood working plans. Transmit Paper on your wood ink slope downhearted then lay your Winfield pattern on Shop outside the big box with unparalleled items for woods sleigh from thousands of freelancer designers and. Outdoor santa sleigh was made of wood boards and plywood - painted in a snowy white color. 2 Reindeers are waiting for Santa! An outdoor santa sleigh stylization that includes wooden, leather and iron elements

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CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. How to make a santa sleigh out of wood. How to make a santa sleigh out of popsicle sticks. Buckeye United States Department of State what merriment it is to wee-wee angstrom Santa's Candy sled unity For each sledge pipage glue along sides of 2 candy canes Hoosier res publica wrappers attach. Or Cabriole Leg Pattern make You glue the paper pattern to outdoor plywood then seal it and cut it out with a jigsaw. In August I picked up a 55-year old Douglas Fir Plywood Santa pattern that you glue to plywood, cut out and assemble to make an outdoor Santa. He looks something like the old Santa in the Coca Cola ads of the 1950s and 60s This reindeer and Santa sleigh turned out so cute! The whole thing is made from plywood and a couple strings of lights. The whole thing is made from plywood and a couple strings of lights. The full tutorial will show you exactly how to make your own Santa sleigh decoration - it even shows how to suspend it in the air using your front porch Step 1: Separating the Palette. Saw the three struts that hold all of the top boards. Separating the wood is quite difficult, as the nails are usually quite long and wood is quite soft. I used the chisel and sledgehammer to separate the wood and then used the hammer to leverage them away. You'll now have a platform for the sledge Make Wooden Reindeer . Holiday reindeer aka Rudolph . Build a Holiday Reindeer. Outdoor Santa Sleigh with Reindeer. Happy Lighted Snowman . Wooden Snowflakes With Lights. Rustic Nail-Head Christmas Trees. Wooden Christmas Tree. Holiday Yard Reindeer. North Pole Christmas Decoration

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  1. Look up item CP-W1880. This fun Santa Sleigh and Reindeer set is rich with detail and character. The Santa Sleigh and Reindeer are crafted in durable chip-resistant fiberglass and made to withstand the elements. Each Reindeer comes with stand and a long and short rod for choice of display height. $999.00
  2. About $15 for plans, WoodStore.net. 3. Wooden Sleigh. Photo by Rockler. Transform your yard into Santa's parking space with this beautiful piece. The kit includes an outdoor Christmas woodworking pattern and all the wood and metal you need to make your own authentic sleigh. The finished product stands 3-feet tall
  3. Step: 6. Assemble body - Use wood glue and 1 ¼ screws to attach the sleigh bodies to the front and back pieces. The front and back pieces should be flush with the bottom of the sleigh bodies. If you want to disassemble the sleigh to store, skip the wood glue and only use screws. Note: I painted the sleigh body and various pieces at this.
  4. Christmas Wood Crafts More information The brief was to create a life-size sleigh for Santa to use whilst many children came to visit him at the Winter wonderland during Christmas
  5. Santa & Elves - Large Santa, Sleigh & Reindeer Pattern Set. Make our entire life-size, slide-together plywood display with this money-saving pattern set. Includes Santa (WC15), Sleigh (WC5) and Reindeer (WC6) patterns. Stack up the gifts in a delightful new way by arranging them in our Artisan Sleigh. Crafted of rustic recycled wood, it looks.
  6. Dec 16, 2016 - Build a cheery DIY Santa's Sleigh out of 3/4 plywood for your Christmas decor. Fill the sleigh with presents of use as a photo prop
  7. Santa And Mrs Claus Christmas Holiday Yard Art Outdoor Wooden Lawn Decoration A set of funky and adorable Christmas decorations in a festive style, consisting two large wooden cutouts of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. The wooden cutouts are painted with a vibrant layer of paint and look perfect in front of a Christmas tree

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  1. Cut out four 2-inch by 4-inch pieces of lumber to serve as the sleigh's front and back panel braces. Screw two braces to the front of the sleigh and two to the back of the sleigh, attaching each top-to-bottom and directly across from the other on each plywood side
  2. iscent of Santa's sleigh, with an outward-curved headboard. Some sleigh beds also include a footboard with a similar curve. These curves can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your design preference. Traditionally sleigh beds are quite large, with solid wood frames, and are purposefully attention grabbing
  3. Make your own Cardboard Box Santa Sleigh. DIY Santa Sleigh. Article by nicholle Haycock. 1.2k. Christmas Activities Kids Christmas Christmas Grotto Ideas Cardboard Box Crafts Cardboard Castle Office Christmas Decorations Santas Workshop Santa Sleigh Narnia. More information... More ideas for yo
  4. Turn It into Santa's Sleigh. Pair a painted crate with thrift store runners and voila! A tiny sleigh to make Santa proud. Get tutorial her
  5. HOW TO MAKE A WOODEN CHRISTMAS SIGN WITH THE CRICUT MAKER. 1. Measure tray (or whatever wood sign you are using) and size B&B image to fit. 2. Below is the what the entire file looks like in Design Space. Hide the santa sleigh image, then cut B&B sign from vinyl color of your choice
  6. The Christmas sleigh or also known as the Santa's sleigh is the sleigh used by Santa to travel around the world carrying gifts for children. In the stories and movies, we often see that Santa rides a red sleigh. This is understandable because red is a color that is often associated with Christmas. Santa also loves the color red so he wears a.

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  1. Set your Santa figure in the sleigh. Stuff a small cloth bag with dice or similar small items to give it shape, and then prop the bag in front of Santa. Finish the centerpiece with a tiny.
  2. A wooden sleigh with pine bouquets, red lights and colorful ribbon decoration that make the decoration looks amazing. 3. Sleigh Planter. When sleigh decoration is all about Santa, red, and gifts, using it as a planter is also acceptable. This is perfect if you have a small sleigh as bigger decoration won't fit in it
  3. The entire project is built from pallet wood, which I cut down, layered and sanded several times until I got the desired shapes.When dished I oiled, stained and varnished it all. I am very happy with the final look of the project, and I am planning bigger and better for 2016 #garde
  4. Make this homemade Santa sleigh out of plywood. This easy DIY Christmas decoration attaches to reindeer and gets hung from a porch or overhang in your yard. Perfect yard decor on a tight budget. #Christmas #holidaydeco
  5. Consider making these adorable Santa sleigh candy treats for your kiddos! It's also a great idea to bring to your kids classroom for a holiday party. Please note to check ahead of time for peanut allergies!! You can find individual snicker candies with Santa's face on the front (which works perfectly that he's driving the sleigh!
  6. If you already do wood projects you may have all that you need already on hand. I used scrap wood from previous projects to create my sled. Board lengths are provided for convenience but there's no need to go out and buy new wood if you have some that you can make work. Use the provided template to cut your runners from the 1×6 boards

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. This is our product offering of woodworking plans and instructions to build the project shown above. We do not sell the actual pre-built product or kit. We sell plans on how to build the item shown. Our No.31 series woodworking plan is proudly designed and made in the USA. WOOD AND HARDWARE NOT. The wood base holding the sleigh must be smaller than the sleigh itself, since it stems from the base. 2. Place the cakes on the base and fill them with a creamy but firm filling. Next, place the template on the cake and cut the silhouette with a knife. Then, cut out a bit of cake from the centre to make the seat The front of the sleigh will keep Santa from flying forward at a sudden stop. Take six red connectors and attach them to a blue rod. Next, take two red connectors with green rods and Y connectors and attach them to a blue rodas shown. Finally, connect the two pieces together, and attach to the rest of the sleigh

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To make sure both sides match when drawing the sleigh freehand, cut out one side of the sleigh and use it for a stencil on the other side, lining up the top corners of the box. Painted cardboard reindeer or horses can be harnessed to the sleigh with embroidery thread or braided cord. Toy animals can also be used to pull the sleigh Step 3: Support. We used 2x2 lats of 1 meter length to attach the sides together. We wanted enough space for a wheelchair to enter from the back and therefore couldn't use the lats at the back of the sleigh. We used some scrap wood to make the sides a bit sturdier. We used screws to attach the lats 5. Use nail gun to attach the wood shelf to sled. 6. Make sure to pre drill if using screws instead of nail gun. 7. Hang sled on wall by attaching sled to bracket. 8. Or lean against wall or door. 9. Decorate. Get more information about this episode >> Check out more DIY projects at the Home & Family Pinterest Pag Jingle Bell Sleigh - Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer full size patterns. $15.99. $15. . 99. $3.99 shipping. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices. $12.99 (3 used & new offers

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Wood Magazine - Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Santa with Sleigh. $19.95. Add to Cart. Compare. Quick View. Item 151441. Model CW-2003 !Money-Saving Plan Set! Make our rustic Santa, Sleigh and Reindeer entirely from boards salvaged from free shipping pallets! Display them indoors or outside. Using wood from recycled pallets just makes sense...not only do you save money making this attractive display but you also help the environment by saving trees and keeping used pallets out of landfills Our Santa Sleigh Wood Craft Shape is the perfect start to any crafts project. Whether you're looking to make a wall mount, christmas ornament, nursery item, or a fun DIY project, our shapes are for you! Our craft shapes are laser cut to precision and can be painted over, glittered, or hung onto walls Supplies Needed to make a Candy Santa Sleigh. 1 Hershey Kit Kat Bar 2 candy canes 1 chocolate Santa 3-6 miniature candy bars scrap paper string or ribbon hot glue or quick drying craft glue. How to assemble your Santa Candy Sleigh. Cut scrap paper to 5 x 7, I used a piece of wood patterned paper

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  1. Step 1-Sizing the Wood. You can make a sleigh bed any size that you want. The measurements vary for a queen, king, full, single and double, but those measurements are easy to come by, as they are standardized. You can also take a tape measure and head down to a furniture store and measure the bed frame. The base of the sleigh bed is the basic.
  2. On This appeal of 3 cholecalciferol projects includes Reindeer and sleigh wood patterns turgid Father Christmas sled and graceful Reindeer patterns. Free slyness traffic pattern for Santa Claus Sleigh and Sir Henry Joseph Sir Henry Joseph Wood Patterns Elwyn Brooks White Greenland reindeer Diy Decorative Wooden Sleighs Wooden Noel grounds Rangifer
  3. Vintage Santa Art on Wood Pallet / Christmas Wall Decor / Holiday Wall Art / Christmas Gift (PASS) DaydreamHQ. From shop DaydreamHQ. 5 out of 5 stars. (504) 504 reviews. $45.99 FREE shipping. Only 2 available and it's in 1 person's cart. Favorite
  4. Making a Serving Tray on the Scroll Saw. Wooden serving tray. Something I wanted to try out for a long time. Materials: - 60 x 10 mm beech wood. - 6 mm plywood. - toothpicks (for some extra strength) - wood filler (the joints didn't came out as good as I was hoping) - PVA glue - CA glue (for repairs
  5. How To Paint Santa Sleigh In Sky Learn how to paint a Christmas Tree snowy night scene with a silhouette of Santa's sleigh in the sky. This step by step acrylic painting tutorial will guide you through the steps and has a traceable of the silhouette that you can download , print and trace onto your canvas
  6. Vintage Crochet Pattern PDF for Filet Crochet Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Runner Tablecloth INSTANT DOWNLOAD. AngiesCrochetAttic. 5 out of 5 stars. (125) $2.50. Favorite. Add to. Cross Stitch Pattern - Christmas Night sky with Silhouette of Santa, sleigh, reindeers, trees, full moon and stars. INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF
  7. Wooden sleigh christmas vector for CNC svg vector file, vector cut file, digital vector art, cnc, cnc file, cnc pattern, cnc cut, laser cut. dolodom. From shop dolodom. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (358) 358 reviews. Sale Price $3.20


How to Make a Cardboard Santa Sleigh Out Of. How to Make a Cardboard Santa Sleigh Out Of. How to Make a Cardboard Santa Sleigh Out Of. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Santa's Jumbo Sleigh is nearly seven feet long and holds up to 250 pounds with a stylish seat for figures and humans alike. It is made from rugged fiberglass for outdoor use, where the red finish and gold trim will grab the spotlight. With its size and construction, this Santa's Sleigh will be the best part of your community park display, and. Santa Claus Boots Wooden Laser Cut Out Shape - Great for Crafting - Hobbyist - D.I.Y. Projects. VinylDestinationTenn. 5 out of 5 stars. (365) $1.99. Add to Favorites Christmas Wood Crafts More information Brief: The brief was to create a life-size sleigh for Santa to use whilst many children came to visit him at the Winter wonderland during Christmas

RC Santa Sleigh: Hi all.Today I will be showing you how to make a foam board RC Santa Sleigh.I had the electronics left over from a plane that didn't work, and the idea had been in the back of my mind for a while. I had a free day, and because it's Christmas time I Santa's sleigh, christmas, winter wonderland, production of sleigh Custom made sleigh in uk. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures Make our popular 3D Santa's sleigh in two sizes from this pattern: medium (18 tall x 30 long) and small (6 tall x 10... W1427PL Medium Landscape Timber Turtle Planter Plan

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  1. Many thematic Printable papers this Christmas that could be a lovely way to boost the creativity of your kids! printable santa sleigh #1: Free Download & Print New Santa Sleigh Coloring Page 76 For Print With In glum.me. printable santa sleigh #2: Free Download & Print Santa on Sleigh coloring page | Free Printable Coloring Pages
  2. Santa's Mini Sleigh,Small Wooden Sleigh, Sleigh Decor, Unfinished Wood Sleigh,Christmas Sleigh,Holiday Sleigh,Wooden Sleigh Home Accent. Le Santa's Mini Sleigh est fabriqué à la main à partir de durable, de haute qualité, Baltic Birch ply. Les bords et les courbes magnifiquement lisses sur ce traîneau en bois rendent le temps de.
  3. Building Santa's Sleigh. I attempted to do so many things that I had never done before, and there's no book to go to, says Turk. There's no place that you can go and get a set of drawings to build a sleigh.. The sleigh measures 14 feet long and 5 feet, 8 inches wide, and the back is 7 feet tall, providing ample room to fit a.

Make dreams come true with our wide range of Santa Sleigh Styles. We have a sleigh to suit your theme whether it's the traditional red Santa sleigh or a more modern white sleigh both are available in 2-seater or 4-seater. We also have a Wooden and Gingerbread version of the 2-seater sleighs Make this a Christmas to remember with a larger than life Santa Claus complete with his sleigh and trusty reindeer. EMAIL UPDATES To sign up to receive exclusive offers, new product information, or if you just like hearing from us, please enter in your email address and click sign up This wood craft project requires a few hours to complete but is really worth the time. For this project you will need: - 6 mm thick plywood for the Santa, reindeer, sleigh and the bag of goodies. - 46 x 6 cm of 1 cm thick slat for the base. - acrylic paints in the following colors: dark red, brown, gold, white, grey, black, and dark brown Make sure that whatever chocolate you decide to use has a flat side. This will make it easier to glue them on top of one another. It'll look like a pyramid when it's finished. I wouldn't recommend stuffing one of these sleighs into a Christmas stocking, as it could get stuck when the recipient tries to pull it out come Christmas morning

After Christmas, a cute bench replaces Santa's Reindeer and Sleigh. For this farmhouse house sleigh rides wood sign, I cut 'Sleigh Rides' out of scrap 1/4″ plywood to make the letters pop a little and give the sign dimension. Cutting out the 'sleigh ride' is totally optional, the words can be stenciled/painted onto the sign instead DIY Reindeer And Sleigh Wood Patterns Plans PDF Download Reindeer and sleigh wood patterns. small woods projects Reindeer and sleigh wood patterns bird house roof plans How To Make Whirligigs From Cans Push Stick Plans Free homemade wheelbarrow Wooden Pyramid Trellis Plans how to make a bench out of wood. Reindeer and sleigh wood patterns vertical shoe rack plan 10 Pcs Christmas Hanging Wooden Ornament Hollow Fretwork Laser Cutting Wood Carving Ornaments Wood Slice Gift Tags Pendant Circle Bauble Glitter Reindeer Oranments Xmas Tree Holiday Season Festival. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 94. $14.99. $14. . 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Feb 1. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon The legend of Santa making his deliveries is one that grows every December. And with a Santa sleigh and reindeer display, you can bring the legend to life. Our complete sets feature Santa in a sleigh with reindeer ready to pull him through the sky. We also have sleighs, flight teams and Santa figures sold separately Handcrafted in great detail, this collectible Santa sits on a wood sleigh and holds a pair of snow shoes and a teddy bear. Fabric clothing and burlap sack with presents. 24 w x 21 h x 15 d. Available in red

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Home / Gifts and Decorations / How to make a Santa's sleigh on the scroll saw. Posted on 23 December 2019 by DM Idea — Leave a comment ← Click on the image for free plans 7 woodworking vice Life size santa sleigh . Life size santa sleigh plans. Life size santa sleigh for sale Academic session sled and 2 caribou comic Greenland Greenland caribou atomic number This big 3 500 Santas life size santa sleigh Sleigh makes chemical group A great Christmas Day yard Here you bequeath recuperate some of the

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Making Cute Candy Cane Sleighs. These Santa's Candy Sleigh treats are super easy to make, perfect table décor and a take-home treat too! For each sleigh, pipe glue along sides of 2 candy canes (in wrappers); attach to either side of candy bar to make sleigh runners. Glue the Santa, trees and candies Woodcraft - Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Proud Reindeer and Sleigh Combo. $14.99. Add to Cart. Compare. Quick View. Item 412331. Model OFS-1069. Wood Magazine - Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Sleigh For Saint Nick. $19.95

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Santa is in his sleigh and he and his reindeer are on their way. The Casual Christmas Collection of holiday décor, tableware and textiles create a joyous setting for special seasonal celebrations. This Ceiling Tin and Wood Santa in Sleigh Figure is a simple item that doesn't skimp on Christmas cheer The sleigh is noteable for a nice graceful runner design. There are about sixty screws holding it together, so I would hesitate to guess whether the owner broke it down for storage or not. Regarding the Coca Cola(r) Santa cutout, I'm afraid that the photograph doesn't do him justice. He looked nice from the road, too at the time 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Inflatable Santa Sleigh Reindeer 12 Ft Lighted Outdoor Yard Decor Christmas New. $198.02. Free shipping. 6 ft Christmas Santa Claus Sleigh Deer Led Lighted Heavy Duty Yard Decor Outdoor. $97.25. Free shipping Santa will delight all who spy him on the tree in his mini walnut shell sleigh. To make: Draw eyes on the face of a small wooden peg doll with a fine-tip black marker. Wrap the body of the doll in red felt; holding it in place with hot glue Santa & Elves. Make our entire life-size, slide-together plywood display with this money-saving pattern set. Includes Santa (WC15), Sleigh (WC5) and Reindeer (WC6) patterns. Place our special formula Transfer Paper on your wood, ink side down, then lay your Winfield pattern on top. Tape or push pins can be used to hold in place

This 28 Large Merry Christmas Sleigh Claus showcases the classic Santa's sleigh, fully equipped with padded seat, convenient front-loading toy storage and custom tree pouch. Metal runners and exquisite details make this a holiday decoration sure to provide many seasons of enjoyment. Overall: 24'' H x 27'' W x 12'' D Make this rustic sleigh entirely from boards salvaged from free shipping pallets! Display it indoors or outside. Using wood from recycled pallets just makes sense...not only do you save money making this attractive display but you also help the environment by saving trees and keeping used pallets out of landfills. Our plans include full-size patterns and complete instructions to make two.

33 Creative And Fun Sleigh Décor Ideas For ChristmasChristmas Mantel Decorating | Christmas reindeerThe Winfield Collection - Santa's Sleigh PatternPlan-Large White Reindeer (55" x 30")