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Vision. To be a reputable real estate development and finance company economically empowering ECWA and her members to participate in the mission of the Church. Mission Statement. To mobilize funds for the development and financing of landed properties for ECWA and her members in a profitable and sustainable manner. Shared Value Mission POD of ECWA envisions improved and sustained living conditions of Nigeria communities

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Meaning of ECWA The name Sudan Interior Mission (S.I.M) was adopted by pioneers of a Christian Mission whose sole objective was to open the Sudan, the land of the blacks from the West to the East of Africa between the equator and Sahara desert, to the gospel of Christ ECWA will raise awareness of Ellerbe Creek and its watershed by working to increase understanding, consideration, and support in the broader community. ECWA will work to protect, restore, promote, and be an advocate for the creek, the watershed, and the natural features, biological communities, and ecological habitats they contain The history of ECWA began with the vision of three young men named Walter Gowans, Ronald Bingham (both from Canada) and Thomas Kent (from United States). They landed in Lagos Nigeria in 1893. They heard about the region of Sudan in the continent of Africa and its desperate need for the gospel ABOUT US. ECWA Television Africa is a fallout of the ECWA Executive's four point agenda of connecting ECWA to God, ECWA to ECWA, ECWA to the World and Mobilizing Resources for the advancement of the gospel through Evangelism and Missions and the Kingdom's work generally through ECWA. OUR VISION. A world that knows and worships the one true. Our Vision is to evangelize and disciple every child for Christ. Young People's Church. ECWA Wuse II is a church on mission to reach and win people to Christ, care for them, equip and unleash them for service to God and humanity in the power of the Holy Spirit . MINISTRIES

Community Objective and Vision ECWA was developed as an organisation to build a community of South Sudanese Equatorians. Our main goal is provide a platform where all our ethnic community members can maintain their cultural identity, unit through various programs run throughout the year, and connect with the wider community Purpose, Vision, Mission, Mandate, & Core Values. There are three components of JETS purpose from which our goals and objectives/outcomes (at all levels) are derived. Vision Statement. Transformed leaders, church and society. Mission Statemen Bible - represents our mission and vision (Matthew 28:19 and Ephesian's 4:13-15) Globe - taking the word of God to the world through drama ministration Motto: a chosen generation, a royal priesthood (1 peter 2:9) Unit name: ECWA DRAMA UNIT MALETE. Pioneer drama unit executives i. Drama coordinator: Bro Olufikunayomi b. Ojos Our Mission. The Mission of the physicians and staff of Eye Care & Vision Associates is to deliver the highest quality eye care resulting in the best quality outcomes. Our entire team of professionals is focused on a single mission: to care for you as a person as well as a patient For some ECWA members, it appears as if take-over meant stepping into the missionary's big shoe, inheriting the missionary status, privileges and position, enhancing one's social standing, income and the opportunity of having a good job, and moratorium to the Mission. These conceptions compounded mission-church relations over the years

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*And through ECWA your name be glorified. Oh God be glorified. The Bible our authority, mission our identity, Touching lives with what we preach. In life and speech, faithful we shall be, Drawing hearts of men to Christ. *And through ECWA your name be glorified. Oh God be glorified. Help the poor and homeless, clothe the weak and cold evangelical church winning all ecwa a vision renewe Vision and Mission. Our Mission To glorify God by training world class competent and God-fearing Nurses that project Christ's nature in health care delivery to produce a healthy society. The following admission applications are currently on-going at the ECWA School of Nursing Egbe The ECWA Executive believes that the process of charting the new future of the church must not involve only prominent leaders of the church but also young people that have insight so that together they evolve a shared vision. As the Bible says, without a vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18. Focusing on things you can not fix will.

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Our Mission To glorify God by training world- class competent and God fearing Nurses and Midwives that project Christ's nature in health care delivery to produce a healthy society Conclusion As creation grown and awaits its redemption, (Romans 8:19-24), in a violent and turbulent changing mission context, ECWA congregations can take advantage of innovative holistic mission practice as a strategy to advance the Church's mission methodology of reconciliation, healing and witnessing to the broken-hearted. 123 Howard G. Hendricks

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Ask the Lord for daily grace, guidance and wisdom on ECWA Executives for more of God wisdom and unity of purpose for mobilizing and impacting the body of Christ and its leadership to fulfill the mission of God worldwide Mission Minds International is interdenominational non-governmental mission support agency that is committed to bringing spiritual, moral and material support to already existing mission fields that are either struggling or at the verge of closing down The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) was established established in 1954. It was born out of the vision of three young men named Walter Gowons, Roland Bingham (both from Canada) and Thomas Kent (from the United States)

NC Department of Health and Human Services 2001 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-2000 Customer Service Center: 1-800-662-7030 For COVID-19 questions call 1-888-675-456 About us. Vision: To be a World-Class Portfolio Management Company. ECWA Portfolio Management Limited which was incorporated in 2015 has witnessed significant growth in the funds under management, as well as client base since inception. More products have been introduced with the aim of meeting the needs of our clients and society at large Imagine a Durham where residents can walk or bike across the watershed, stopping at in-town nature preserves and local businesses along the way. This is ECWA's vision, and through land acquisition, work with the city, and public education, we are getting closer to realizing it every day ECWA Founders: Walter Gowans (23) Thomas Kent (25) Rowland Bingham (21) A month after landing in Lagos, Bingham wrote a letter to Mr. J. C. Hindle of Southport, England and said we have decided to call the mission, The Sudan Interior Mission. There were times, however, when it was called by other names

Vision Received Vision, Passed On - The History of EMS 1948 - 1998 By Panya Baba The Birth and Growth of the Evangelical Missionary Society of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (EMS of ECWA Introduction Say to them, 'As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Church Beyond Walls is a worship and outreach ministry of ECWA Wuse 2, tailored to meet the unique spiritual needs of young adults and those young in heart within the Church and outside the Church. ECWA Wuse II is a church on mission to reach and win people to Christ, care for them, equip and unleash them for service to God and humanity in the. The Authority believes its mission imposes a responsibility to provide our customers with a plentiful supply of safe, clean drinking water at an affordable rate, with outstanding service through dedication, professionalism and a progressive vision within a framework of a sound long term financial policy. The elements of that policy are: 1

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  1. Mission. ECWA Productions Limited exist to facilitate universal access to wholesome works of knowledge. Vision. ECWA Productions Limited envisions to be the leading channel for knowledge resources in Nigeria. What We Do. Challenge Bookshops. A Division of ECWA Productions Ltd
  2. The vision of our fathers will not die in our hands, Like a candle in the dark we shine. Breaking every stronghold till the end of time, Till our Lord and King we meet Song Written By Bro. Godfrey Alphonsus Adopted By ECWA in February 2019 Edited By Rev. Romanus Ebenwokod
  3. The Evangelical Missions Society (EMS) is the missions agency of ECWA, and it takes leadership in equipping and supervising several thousand mission workers in 18 countries. Missions agencies are.

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The medical ministry in ECWA began with the early missionaries. The sheer need for healthcare by both the natives and missionaries necessitated that missionaries were either trained or specifically recruited to meet this need. As the mission expanded, the medical ministry also expanded to meet the health needs of the new frontiers And in an increasingly hostile northern Nigeria, there is need for a more robust evangelistic vision (Yamamori 2014). Because ECWA's women represent the number of Christian women whose role in Christian mission has been unrecognized, undervalued, diminished, overlook and even prevented (Nigerian Lausanne Congress 2013), ECWA's mission. See also Stephen Asonibare, Obtaining and Sustaining Vision for Missions, A Paper Presented at ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja Mission Week, 2nd March, 2010. 3 all peoples. The salvific plan of God is not only for the Jews, though first to the Jews ECWA and other mission churches can boast that they are growing and that is true. But the growth is mostly biological of children born to Christian parents in these churches over the generations. And it is also true that this growth is diminished by membership shrinkage through transfers and migration to neo-Pentecostal churches


ECWA Hospital Egbe is a rural teaching hospital located in Egbe, Kogi State, Nigeria. As a multi-service facility, the hospital complex is comprised of approximately 33 acres with 68 buildings, and a staff of procedures and best practices to support overall hospital mission and vision. MISSION. People on the right side of Acts chapter one will burn with a mission. Others will live normal, low impact lives. Sure, they may enjoy God, say their prayers, go to church, worship him, read their bibles and be people of great conviction. However, the very reason they were born eludes them ECWA College of Health Technology Kagoro is located in Kagoro, Kaura LGA of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The establishment of the Health Technological Institution was born out of a decision taken by a Missionary body called Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) who came to Nigeria with the aim of preaching the Gospel through medicine vide the training of Health workers ECWA Goodnews Maitama, Abuja. Nigeria. Our Vision. Reaching The World With The Gospel of Christ. SENIOR PASTOR REV. DR. JONAH SAMSON. ASSOCIATE PASTOR 1 REV. OKEZIKA EGBOH. ASSOCIATE PASTOR 2 PASTOR RAPHAEL S. DAUDA. Our Mission

ECWA Hospital Egbe is an evangelical mission hospital in Egbe, Nigeria Created the Hospital's revitalization Marketing and Fundraising Plan Donations exceeded double-digit growth rates over past 3 year ECWA Asokoro is a dynamic church open to all people from different backgrounds in search of a place of worship and fellowship that focuses them on our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) was established established in 1954. It was born out of the vision of three young men named Walter Gowons, Roland Bingham. We are a reputable real estate development and finance company economically empowering ECWA and her members. EDFSL is the only real estate development and finance company in ECWA portfolio of strategic businesses. ED Pool Investment ED Homes ED Corporate Mortgage. Product Contact- Doris 0703 038 4405. This is the general savings and target. EMS of ECWA is presently the biggest indigenous and denominational mission agency with about 1830 missionary couples. Our Mission EMS exists to: prayerfully identify the less reached people, mobilize, equip and send a dynamic force of believers to preach the wholistic gospel and to disciple believers into church that will in turn reach out to.

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The ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) was established in 1941 by Rev. Dr. William G. Crouch, an American Missionary from California, who came to Nigeria on the platform of the Sudan Interior Mission (now Serving In Mission, [SIM]). The Institution is wholly owned and operated by Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) ECWA Hospital Egbe, a division of ECWA (Evangelical Churches of Western Africa), is a rural hospital located in Egbe, Kogi State, Nigeria, established in 1952. As a 121-bed, multi-service facility, the hospital mission and vision Direct short-term and long range planning and budget development to support the hospital'

However familiar we might find the notion of African missionaries traveling the world today, much of the impetus for that South-North mission came from Baba's enterprising vision. ECWA now has some 1,200 missionaries active outside Nigeria, spread across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United States By Danjuma Auta. A 2020 model Hilux van has been dedicated for the work of mission by the ECWA Women Fellowship International. In a brief ceremony at the ECWA Headquarters, Jos, the ECWA President, Rev. Dr. Stephen Panya Baba, said that because missions had no boundaries, it was time for members and church agencies to devise ways of taking the gospel to lost souls 20) ECWA USA Ministers Fellowship: Rev. Dr. G. Achi. For the Breakout Groups. We will have breakout groups with a leader to guide the discussions and a secretary to write down the resolutions; Our focus will be on the vision and mission of ECWA USA stated below. Goal: Collective insight/wisdom as led by the Holy spirit to give us a clear path. The Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), previously known as the Evangelical Church of West Africa, is one of the largest church denominations in Nigeria which has also spread to other African countries, the United States of America, United Kingdom and also Israel. ECWA is a partner church of the International Christian Mission ECWA International College of Technology. No. 7 JD Gomwalk Road, P.O Box 1726, Jos Plateau State, Nigeria Contact: 0811555622

WEDNESDAY, 7 APRIL 2021 TEXT: JOHN 21:1-14 TOPIC: FULFILL YOUR CALL At the beginning, Jesus presented His vision and mission to the disciples: a redeemed people from different tribes and nations.. ESM(formerly ESA- ECWA Student Association) is a Student ministry of EVANGELICAL CHURCH WINNING ALL (ECWA) inaugurated on April 19, 1992 at ECWA headquarters in order to promote the work of Great Commission in all post. primary and tertiary institutions. VISION AND MISSION Annual sales in 2020 of $10.8 billion. Wegmans is a family company, founded in 1916, headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. Danny Wegman is chairman; Colleen Wegman, his daughter, is president and CEO. Danny's daughter Nicole Wegman is senior vice president of Wegmans Brand. Robert Wegman, Danny's father, was chairman until his death in April 2006

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VISION. Our vision is to attain the highest standards of excellence in academics and the total development of our pupils/students. MISSION. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful education for all students. Each student will be expected to excel within the bounds of their abilities and chosen educational goals Earl is the project manager for the construction of a hydro electric project for the Nazarene mission hospital in Kudjip, Papua New Guinea. Gary and Mary Gardeen The Gardeens are assigned to serve in the Latin America Region Pray for the CBC Churches and Christians to catch a new vision for missions, both National and Foreign. Pray for more missionaries to respond to the call for missions. Pray for more mission partners as we continue to break new grounds for missions. Pray for more open doors of missions within the CEMAC Region and also beyond the zone Flock of Christ Mission Inc. has more than forty five branches in different parts of the country.With over four decades of dedicated service unto the Lord, and a strong passion and belief in the power and integrity of the Word of God, he has remained an actively spiritual icon to reckon with ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos ACADEMIC CATALOGUE 2010/2011 Truth & Freedom. JETS Academic Catalogue 2010/2011 2 You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 ACADEMIC CATALOGUE 2010/2011 While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of informatio

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Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association Leads the Way on Neighborhood Sustainability. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change brought on by human activity is the most serious long-term threat to our world and our local communities In 2016, we partnered with Serving in Mission (SIM) to build a new 46,000-square-foot medical complex at ELWA Hospital in Liberia. The project included construction of patient wards with 75 beds, operating theaters, and an emergency room. In 2015, we built a maternity ward at CME/Nyankunde Hospital in Democratic Republic of the Congo

ECWA Theological Seminary, Aba, was established, owned and run by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). The Seminary offers Basic English course, Certificate in Theology, Diploma of Theology, Bachelor of Arts, Post Graduate Diploma in Theology and Master's Degree is on process. Education and Pastoral is in the process. The courses are designed to enhance knowledge of the Bible and. The paper states the contributions of Rev Byang Henry Kato. Kato was a Lecturer at ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja, the first Sudan Interior Mission/Evangelical Church Wining All Seminary in Nigeria. He became the General Secretary of the Church in Nigeria and finally the General Secretary of Association of Evangelical in Africa and Madagascar As part of its Mission for Vision project, Rotary Club of Lagos Pa... lm Grove Estate led by Opportunities President Chandra Nalode on Wednesday, 2nd of June, 2o21 donated some eye surgery equipment to the Eye Hospital in Ajao Estate, Lagos State. The donation, a global grant project, spearheaded by Rotary Club of Lagos Palm Grove Estate in conjunction with Rotary Club of Singapore and. In deed the medical mission was a huge success to the glory of the Lord. Thanks to the partnership with Angel Flight Club that provided the aviation support, EMS of ECWA that provided the platform and CBN Africa that mobilised volunteers to provide medical services that put smiles on the faces of Donkin people This study examines the general activities of the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) in Bayara area of Bauchi Province, Nigeria from 1952-1972. The work surveys the advent of the SIM and the taking over of leprosy control programme in Northern Nigeria fro

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CIPMED was registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) on the twentieth day of March 2014 as a Non - Governmental Organization. https://domyhomework.pro/ https://spyphoneapps.me. Our primary focus is to enhance the mental well being of the populace through accurate information dissemination SIM is an international, interdenominational Christian mission organization. It was established in 1893 by its three founders, Walter Gowans and Rowland Bingham of Canada and Thomas Kent of the United States. The Founding of SIM in Africa. The vision for SIM (and ECWA) was first born in the heart of a woman - Margaret (Craig) Gowans

vision We see dynamic, interdependent partnerships and mutually nurturing relationships with Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), other mission organizations and churches. We respond together to spiritual challenges in modern Togo and beyond, beginning with a focus on several Muslim people groups Member States Vision, mission & history Governing bodies. Secretariat Leadership Thematic Clusters Strategy, planning & accountability External relations & communications Resource management & service development. Collaborate Technical cooperation Donors Partners Regional Collaborative Platform

It was a mission with a vision. This was a work out together by Rev. Godswill Onyeukwu Igwe , the resident pastor of ECWA English Aba and presented to the Youth Fellowship on 27th November, 2018 during the 2018 ECWA Founder's Week celebration Our mission Committed to the 2030 Agenda, ESCWA's passionate team produces innovative knowledge, fosters regional consensus and delivers transformational policy advice. Together, we work for a sustainable future for all ECWA's mission is very clear. It is to glorify God through making disciples of all nations. Making disciples best takes place within the church. OUR VISION Again God's vision is our vision. In his mission to glorify himself God envisioned establishment of churches- people who have been called out

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It is called Relief Foundation of ECWA. Like I said, we are still working on how we can position it to be more effective. But there has been emphasis within ECWA on this existing mission, not just in our ministry but in mission outreach, that is reaching out not only in the spiritual needs of the people, the spiritual needs first yes, but. Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association (ECWA) is a dynamic land trust and watershed organization in Durham, NC that manages almost 500 acres of land for nature, water quality and public enjoyment (www.ellerbecreek.org). The full-time Outreach and Communications Coordinator is responsible for our organization's day-to-day engagement with the community as well as planning and implementing our. Evangelical Missionary Society (EMS) is the mission department of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA); saddled with the responsibilities of reaching the unreached and unchurch nations with the whole and wholistic gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. EMS of ECWA is presently the biggest indigenous and denominational mission agency with about. The Evangelical Church, Winning All (ECWA), Saturday said the COVID-19 pandemic had claimed the lives of over 200 of its mission supporters. It called on Nigerians to be careful to avoid contracting the virus. After Daily Trust report, Ogun commissioner visits forest, uncovers illegal flyoverRace for new IGP heats up as Adamu retires Feb 1This [ consensus on goals and objectives. ECWA's goals are more than a statement of its mission or a static description of capital needs at a single moment in time. Our mission will not change. It will remain that: The mission of the Erie County Water Authority is to provide all of its customers a plentiful supply of safe, high quality an

Leading Across Cultures: Effective Ministry and Mission in the Global Church - Kindle edition by Plueddemann, James E.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Leading Across Cultures: Effective Ministry and Mission in the Global Church churches, seminaries, and mission movements. Mission pioneers encouraged the Nigerian Church to begin such efforts, and partnered with its leaders to begin making this vision reality. In 1931 the ECWA (Evangelical Church Winning All) Theological Seminary was founded, where missionarie Byang Henry Kato: A Profile AN OPENING CEREMONY ADDRESS DELIVERED AT THE 41st BYANG HENRY KATO (Ph.D.) MEMORIAL CONFERENCE, TUESDAY, 4th April 2017) By Rev'd Stephen Oluwarotimi Y. Baba, PhD Stephen Oluwarotimi Baba is the Provost of ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja, and the Provost of ECWA College of Education, Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria Our esteeme

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The mission of Bingham University is to produce graduates that are excellent in knowledge, character and skills for self-reliance and in the fear of Christ Vision To become a world class University in knowledge and skills while inculcating moral and spiritual values on which the Christian faith is founde Rev. Kaduma Bahago was a pastor of Evangelical Church Winning All then, known as Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA), from 1951 to 1990. It is estimated that he lived between 1919 and 2000. After his death, his children came up with a foundation to continue his vision

The Director Evangelical Mission Society of ECWA International Headquarters, Jos represented by EMS Home Missions National Coordinator, Rev. Yahaya Bungule commended Gombe DCC for setting the pace in EMS by being the first to organize a mission week, and to have an articulated reporting system that was emulated by other DCCs ECWA Evangel Hospital is a 150-bed general hospital located in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.It was founded in 1959 by SIM (previously the Sudan Interior Mission and now known as Serving In Mission), but Evangel is now managed under the auspices of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA). Evangel is known locally in Jos as Jankwano meaning Red Roof in Hausa, as it was one of the first.

It equips, inspires, challenges and enlarges the leader's vision to a higher plane of impacting others. It frees the leader from a monocultural grid to a contemporary multicultural grid. The book integrates helpful ideas of the past with the present and brings our future world reality closer to the present on solid theological grounding Our Mission . To provide professional, reliable and convenient transport solution to customers using professional, friendly and trustworthy drivers. Our Vision . The best possible service in the sphere of optimized luxury transportation throughout Nigeria. Opposite ECWA Church old Garki, Off Lagos Street Garki II Abuja. Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am.

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ECWA Gospel 2 Jenta Jos while demonstrating. ECWA Gospel 2 Jenta in Jos is one of the churches that TEAM-CIHDA has envisioned for integral mission and has a functioning welfare committee. An advocacy visit was carried out to the church to strengthen the church welfare committee The Vision Started: 2006. The practical implementation of the vision began in 2006, with the production of a Christian youth magazine while I was working as a pastor at ECWA Goodnews Kumo. The name of the magazine was Spring of Life Magazine. It was published bi-annually. Rev. Dr. Simon Ibrahim gave me very strong support Karen Cuddy joined the Advisory Board of Home of My Own of WNY in the spring of 2020 after recognizing that the Mission, Vision, and Values represent a natural next extension of her 33+ year career in education. Her experience includes 18 years as a special education teacher and 15 years in educational administration in Western New York The vision of our fathers will not die in our hands,Like a candle in the dark we shine. Breaking every stronghold till the end of time, Till our Lord and King we meet. *And through ECWA your name be glorified. Oh God be glorified. Song Written by Mr. Godfrey Alphonsus Adopted by ECWA in February 2019 Edited by Rev. Romanus Ebenwokod

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Baba, Panya Dabo 1932 Evangelical Church of West Africa , Sudan Interior Mission Nigeria Panya Dabo Baba, a resident of the Overseas Ministry Study Center from 1996 to 1997, has been described as the greatest missiologist of the ECWA (Evangelical Church of West Africa founded by Sudan Interior Mission) ECWA USA Consultation via Zoom Zoom link will be sent upon request. O n behalf of ECWA USA DCC I am personally excited to invite you to a Zoom conference in lieu of our 2020 National conference. We trust that our good Lord has been keeping you safe in these trying times with Covid-19 and the racial tensions we have been dealing with As Executive Director of Girls Education Mission International, Keturah has the role of providing strategic direction and leadership necessary to drive development change and building successes in furtherance of the mission and vision of the organization utilizing her years of expertise and experience spanning across various sectors Our mission entails teaching teenagers and young adults the truth about God and to disciple them to be who God wants them to be. We have a vision to help teenagers and young adults build a future for themselves where they'll live a life that please God and to equip them to stand in the gap for their family, church, nation and the society at large Mission & Vision. Vision. DEVELOPED YOUNG LEADERS WHO BRING JOY TO AFRICAN SOCIETY. Mission. John served in higher education including two years under the auspices of the Sudan Interior Mission at ECWA. Since retirement, he has taught at ETC in Addis Ababa on several occasions. Facebook-f. Twitter

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Vision: ECWA School of Midwifery envisions t o be one of the best schools of Midwifery that is technology complainant in the training of midwives for holistic care to humanity. Mission. To train highly skilled, disciplined and competent Midwives that will provide excellent care and maintain good witness for Christ in word and action our creed '' '' '' xb cbhx: xghvcgxvc: hssyh ECWA Church, Chicago; Prayer; Tag Archives: Prayer. The Prayer of the Lord. Posted on January 26, 2018 by chicago. Even simple, faith filled recitation of God's living Word is healthy and extremely positive (images, iStock and book by David & Kim Butts