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  2. enroll now Find out more. $99 USD. EFI Tuning Fundamentals. This course will teach you the fundamental principles of engine operation, as well as how an EFI system works, and what components it needs to do its job. This course will give you the knowledge, techniques and confidence to tune any engine using any ECU platform
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  4. After completing this course you will have the confidence and skills required to properly calibrate your standalone ECU on the dyno or road/track. You will learn HPA's '10 Step Process' which will take you through a tuning job from start to finish, ensuring you don't miss any critical stages. This course assumes an understanding of EFI.
  5. g comfortable with live tuning an engine on a chassis dynamometer
  6. Both of these courses include how to tune on a the Road and with a Dyno. Standalone Tuning: Uses a complete replacement engine management system like: Link, MoTeC, Haltech, AEM etc. Reflash Tuning: Uses the stock ECU. Systems like HP Tuners, ECUTEK, COBB etc. step 5. $229.00 USD $114.50 USD
  7. Welcome to the Academy Blog. A new space dedicated to Alientech ECU remapping courses. We offer online, classroom and virtual chiptuning courses. Alientech is the only company to offer you everything: chiptuning tools, remapping courses and everything you need to grow your business

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Contrary to popular belief that ECU tuning or Remap has only motorsports applications, this is a science that has widespread applications. Calibration of control systems has applications in automotive, industrial, and mechatronics domains as well. We found that there were only 3 main things that students were looking out for before. Students will learn strategies of tuning factory computer systems using HPtuners. They will learn to improve OEM mapping for better drivability tuning along with transmission tuning and engine diagnostics. Outside- the-classroom work is required. This course includes an average of 22.5 hours of outside-the-classroom work. Prerequisite 501 - 50 ECU book, ecu repair, ecu repair manual, ecu mapping, ecu tuning training, winols training, ecu block diagrams, edc17 repair manual, ecu repair training, ECU IMMO off Services , Airbag clear Services , EGR Remove Services , DPF Remove Services , DTC Rem Bhadra Electronics provides an ECU service guidebook at the end of the training. Training Fee 55,000/-. Assured Quality Training & Technical Support for the students who are willing to take the ECM Training from Bhadra Electronics will get 1-year Technical Support. HUMZOR for Cars & Trucks scanning

Mercedes-Benz GLC250 4MATIC 2.0l turbo petrol ECU [EN] A practical tuning session, structured in 3 easy steps, to find out the solution developped by our experts in order to increase the performance of the GLC250 4MATIC engine. 99,00. Add to cart. ADD TO WISHLIST On-Bench ECU wiring to learn How to flash on bench and Via OBD----- Toyota Denso ECU Course All you need to know about Denso generations and How to Flash\Recovery on bench and review all tools.-----Time To Tune: [Free Video Course] All BASICs about tuning , Review of all Tuning Software in market and How to use EFI University will be offering the Diesel Tuning 101 as a DVD course! Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn Diesel tuning with real professionals! This course will cover general principles of tuning a modern, common-rail diesel EFI engine. As a part of the course, we will be using a 2007i GMC DURAMAX LMM diesel truck! Learn the.

Course Content: On completion of our ECU Remapping Training Course, students will gain an understanding of the following topics. ECU Remapping Training Courses - REMAP101: What is remapping and who are your potential customers; How to correctly explain the remapping process to potential customers. Understanding ECU tuning on Petrol vs Diesel All Alientech tuning tools, software and equipment can be made available for the training, but is also for sale, mailorder and worldwide tax-free sales are also available subject to your location. SKU: SKU18518111 Categories: Alientech Car Tuning Training and Remapping Courses, ECU Tuning Solutions. £ 1,500.00 Courses ECU Programming & Tuning Online OBD ECU Remapping Training Course. Section 1. In this section we'll cover an introduction into our course, what's covered and the benefits for you and your business by enrolling into our training program. We will also show you how to navigate and purchase our courses. 3 ecu tuning course provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, ecu tuning course will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves.

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  1. Car ECU Hacking and Tuning. This Chapter of our Course walks you through what it takes to hack a vehicle. We begin with an overview of the policies surrounding vehicle security and then delve in to how to check whether your vehicle is secure and how to find vulnerabilities in more sophisticated hardware systems
  2. Courses Menu Toggle. Virtual Engine Dyno; ECU Tuning and Remaps; Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Model Based Development; Product Design; Social and Emotional Intelligence; Learning Center; Contact; Login | Register Menu Toggle. My Courses; Logi
  3. ECU Tuning and Remaps for Petrol and Diesel Vehicles You have not purchased this course yet. For more information on the course please visit our courses page on top to view more information

The advanced level course covers both petrol and diesel engine management tuning. You'll gain in-depth knowledge of master tools so you can write your own tuning files using ECM Titanium. This four-day course balances theory with practical, hands-on learning of the software and how it's applied to engine files ECU Masters Training Course Part 1: Software Install & Overview walks you through doing the software download / installation process to install the ECU M.. For more information on how to start your own ECU remapping business, please visit: https://www.tuned2race.com/become-a-dealer/Tuned2Race can offer local aut..

Viezu ECU remapping services include economy tuning and performance tuning for over 5000 different vehicle types. The Viezu Technical Academy is Viezu's engine remapping training school, which was set up to provide comprehensive training and ongoing technical support in the field of car tuning to individuals, car tuning specialists and dealers all over the world Our most popular course ever - ECU Tuning and Remaps. this course teaches you how to set up and tune ECUs for motorsport or OEM applications. Learn to tune aftermarket as well OEM ECUs, Petrol and Diesel vehicles, Two-wheeler and Four-wheeler applications as well. Alternately, use this course as the Level 0 course that introduces you to the.

Once you have taken a course or purchased a video, I will be on hand for any questions you may have (which is relevant to that course/video tutorial) Worlds first tuning training platform for OEM ECU'S! 1 On 1 help. 1 - 1 training is available, prices depend on the platform you wish to learn Course Content: On completion of our course, students will gain an understanding of topics such as: DAY ONE: How to correctly explain the remapping process to potential customers. Understanding ECU tuning on Petrol vs Diesel. Introduction to ECU's and the different types. Identifying the cars remapping file (Flash via OBD) The Advanced Engine Management Calibration training course is a continuation of the Engine Management Systems & Dyno Tuning in Theory and Practice course, and is specifically for those who need the best ECU training available. We cover the more complex and thorny subjects concerned with engine management and advanced tuning techniques Advanced EFI Tuning Concepts 14 Lessons $ 299.00 This course is aimed at the EFI tuner who already knows the basics but wants a deeper understanding of how things actually happen inside their ECU With tuning your car for more power, you are pushing the boundaries that the carmaker had created. If you drive harder and extract more power, of course, it will stress out the components more. A good tuner keeps reliability in mind when creating ECU files (sometimes even giving up few horses for reliability)

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  1. Latest updates (UPDATE 2021-05-18) Engine calibration feedback & logging UPDATE 2021-01-12) Safe & simple ECU remapping guide (UPDATE 2021-01-08) Effect of changes to engine parameters (UPDATE 2020-12-13) calibration data calculators for interpolating maps, engine parameters and so on. (UPDATE 2020-10-17) We have found a way how to find out optimal AFR for your TDi
  2. Learn what our course on ECU Tuning and Remaps will cover and what you can expect to learn
  3. COURSE DURATION . ECM Repair Training course duration is 15 to 20 days and its covers all major Automotive Topics. ECM-EPS-BCM-SRS-ABS-Immobilizer-Meter and car scanning. After Successful completion of this programmed Completion ISO 2009-2015 certificated is provided. THE RIGHT COURSE FOR YOU . No matter your level of education, knowledge or.

If you're serious about tuning your car, the best thing to do would be to take an ECU tuning course. There are courses available in many different countries and you'll be given professional instruction on successfully tuning an ECU. The first thing you should learn is what ECU tuning and remapping is Courses Menu Toggle. Virtual Engine Dyno; ECU Tuning and Remaps; Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles; Model Based Development; Product Design; Social and Emotional Intelligence; Learning Center; Contact; Login | Register Menu Toggle. My Courses; Logi - ECU Fuel \ OIL \ ABS pump Failure [ Functions, Chips, ICs & How to test] with examples. - CAN Communication problems & Faults [ Functions, Chips, ICs & How to test] with examples. - ECU Common Faults Problem, IC functions & Testing Techniques - Best Tools used to Troubleshoot & Repair ECUs, All in detail We will show you the differences working with Europe cars compared to Asian so you will know What to Avoid doing. We will teach you from Diagnosis, Mechanics, Electricians, CAN Network, Supply Power System to Chip Tuning, Coding and Programming. You can also learn retrofit if you make your choice Evo X Ecu Flash Training Course Part 13: MIVEC Variable Cam Tuning walks you through tuning the MIVEC variable cam on a 4B11 engine. We explore stock vs tuning MIVEC tables to illustrate the changes to allow for faster spool times, increased torque and horsepower

Introduction to EFI. This course is designed to dispel the myths associated with Electronic Fuel Injection. It includes everything you'll need to get started tuning EFI systems. You'll learn the different types of systems available, what components are needed and how each one works, and you'll find out how injection and ignition systems. Intermediate Remapping Course (2 Days) This course is aimed at the re-mapper wanting to gain a professional edge for the ECU tuning industry. We'll be covering ECU basics, design and the different strategies they run. Also tips and tricks for locating and identifying ECU's, opening them and connecting to them easily and safely ECU Master training course starts with the basics of downloading and installing the EMU Black software. Basic functions such as fuel, ignition, and idle programming are covered as well as more advanced features such as anti-lag, rev limiters, traction control, closed loop PID control, boost control, and much more. If you are looking for the most comprehensive ECU Master EMU Black training. Assessments Yes. Courses ECU Programming & Tuning ECU Remapping Post Course learning. Section 1. Section 1 covers the business section of how to successfully run an ECU Remapping business. We go through advertising options, insurances, marketing and even give you a template of an disclaimer that you can use in your business. 5 Car tuning & remapping training courses - Alientech training, tools, and software, EVC WinOLS training - - Call us on +44 (0)1789 774444 - Viez

EFI 101 Fundamentals of High Performance Engine Tuning Using Aftermarket Electronic Fuel Injection. When: December 2nd - 3rd 2017.(9:00am-5:00pm both days) Where: Haltech USA, 750 Miles Point Way, Lexington, KY 40510 Phone: (888) 298 8116 Email: [email protected] EFI 101 is a 2-day class and focuses mainly on classroom discussions with a general overview of the basic functions and theory. Tuned2Race can supply your workshop with high-quality ECU Remapping files within 15-60 minutes. We have a database with over 20 000 files for cars, bikes, boats, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Dyno tested chip tuning files with 15-60 minutes. Stage 1,2 and 3 performance tuning files. DSG tuning files

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ECU tuning involves modifying the fuel and spark maps of an engine. Many modern engines also have controls for camshaft timing and many other items that can affect power output. RRT has partnered with the premier tuners in the country to deliver to you an increase in horse power and torque. There are many different methods required to tune a. Want to learn how to tune an EMtron ECU? The EMtron worked example in our Practical Standalone Tuning course is now live. ‍You will learn the HPA 1.. Just a quick no frills video on how standalone ECU / EFI tuning works. Nothing fancy, but maybe it gives some of you guys a little insight on the basics of h..

Chip tuning training courses will increase your car chip tuning skills, even if you start your adventure with cars. Professional chip tuning lessons focus on newest injection systems like EDC17, MED17, Siemens Tricore based systems, Delphi, Denso, Continental etc. Chip tuning training also explain how to deactivate DPF, FAP, SCR, DTC codes ECU Tuning Course - on DVD. ECU sintonia Corso - in DVD. If you want and need learn ECU remapping buy. ECU Tuning Kurs - auf DVD. Wenn Sie daran interessiert zu lernen, Auto fahren, oder tragen unsere ECU Remapping und Chiptuning an einem Fahrzeug sind, können wir helfen ECU Tuning Group Toronto is the most elite automotive upgrade service available in Ontario and many of the surrounding area. We combine an extensive amount of tuning experience and training with the convenience of our mobile tuning option to deliver results that our customers love 2328 Destiny Way - Odessa, FL 33556 (727) 264-8875. info@thetuningschool.co

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Tuning and ecu remapping free dealer training and demonstrations at Viezu. If you want to get into tuning and ecu remapping for either full time or part time income but not sure where to start, book on of our free demonstrations sessions. Viezu will take you step by step through the maze of tuning, the tools, software, the methods of connecting. COURSE DESCRIPTION. We are offering the you the opportunity to home study our ECU Remapping Pre Course, this will avoid downtime for your business and also give you the leading edge in the market. Below is the learning outcomes and this will tell you what we'll be covering in the course. The course is designed for a complete beginner with no. Courses. At ECU you can study online degrees, diplomas and even some doctorates. Some of our courses are ideal for distance study as they're completely online. Others, like Engineering or Paramedicine for example, have practical, hands-on units that require you to spend some time on-campus and/or on an industry-specific placement ECU Tuning Software : This is applicable only for tuners with Master tools who wants to remap on their own. There are many software available in the market which allows the tuner to identify various maps, make changes, correct the checksum etc. WinOLS. This is the best software to make changes in the file read from ECU ECU Masters Training Course Part 18: Alpha-N Tuning Strategy walks you through using throttle based fuel / ignition timing tuning. We also learn how to implement Alpha-N tuning with forced induction applications

Standalone ECU - Online Tuning Course Kelas Tuning ECU Online Pertama di Malaysia ! Modul pembelajaran melalui video disediakan mengikut susunan supaya anda mudah memahami Flow chart bagaimana proses tuning dilakukan bermula daripada memahami Mapping, membuat Base Map , proses Tuned di Dyno hingga ke proses Fine Tune ECU Tuning Remap Course and Performance Engine Tuning; Specialised Courses; ZUCE - the only authorised Alientech trainers in the Southern Hemisphere. Toyota Diesel Specialised Course. We'll hone your skills and expertise with advanced knowledge of ECM Titanium that's particular to Toyota diesel vehicles. This ZUCE course covers high-level.

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Online Tuning Class, khas untuk peserta Standalone ECU - Online Tuning Course, malam ni kita akan belajar software MaxxECU, bagaimana nak setup base Map, belajar kegunaan setiap map yang ada dan sesi Q&A berkaitan topik malam ni. Pastikan dalam laptop telah install software MaxxECU. Kelas akan bermula jam 9 malam ECU tuning course India. India - Quantum Tuning is an authorised Quantum Tuning Dealer in India for Chip Tuning, ECU Remapping, All of our dealers have received thorough initial training and then receive ongoing technical development and support to ensure every aspect of the remap is completed in a safe and professional manner Online Piggyback ECU khas untuk peserta Piggyback Online Tuning Course, malam ni kita akan belajar software AEM FIC. Bagaimana cara memasang, kegunaan setiap map yang ada dan sesi Q&A berkaitan topik malam ni. Pastikan dalam laptop telah install software AEM FIC. Kelas akan bermula jam 9.30 malam ECU Tuning Course - on DVD. Nous offrons un DVD avec toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin pour apprendre trop et offrir de la formation et de soutien pour tous les véhicules, y compris l'essence, l'essence et des cours de formation diesel tuning Kepada Online Piggyback ECU khas untuk peserta Piggyback Online Tuning Course, malam ni kita akan belajar software Emanage Ultimate. Bagaimana cara memasang, kegunaan setiap map yang ada dan sesi Q&A berkaitan topik malam ni. Pastikan dalam laptop telah install software Emanage Ultimate. Kelas akan bermula jam 9 malam

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Huge Selection of OEM + Performance Parts for VW, Audi, BMW. Shop Now Our ECU Flash training course covers everything from basic software navigation and programming to the more advanced features such as knock control, idle control, nitrous, boost control, and much more!. 19 training videos spanning 10+ hours. This is the MOST comprehensive ECU Flash Evo 8 / 9 training available anywhere VIEZU's car tuning courses and ECU remapping training and products have been developed over 20yrs of hands-on experience of engine tuning of both petrol and diesel vehicles, and our team consists of some of the industry's leading vehicle tuning experts. The range of training courses in the VIEZU Technical Academy are delivered step-by-step by qualified ECU remapping professionals who. EDC16 Ecu tuning tutorial guide. Below you can find a PDF file with some good advices for a good ECU EDC16 tuning. The system looks similar to EDC16, a lot of maps are recognized automatically by WinOLS, but they are IQ to Nm related. Standard Maps : EGR: (This map regulates the Exhaust gas recirculation valve.

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Advanced Tuning Course LOG IN ECU Repair Manuals ONLINE Download AUTO IC DATA USED TOOLS For Sale MAIN LOG IN StageX Review Advanced ECU Hardware Repair Training. From Nov., 2018 The ECU shuffles through the tons of data that come to it in the form of readings to decide the course of action that should be taken by the engine to ensure an ideal drive. The ECU tells your engine not only what to do but also how to do it. Thus the ECU in order to make accurate diagnosis on engine control utilizes stored data

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The ETW Course Workbook - Almost 100 pages of reliable EFI Tuning information that you can reference later. ETW Certificate of Completion - Signed and ready to frame. Exclusive Access to the Student Forums - Access to professional advice on any technical EFI issues. Cheat Sheet - Most commonly used formulas used to tune an EFI system The prices in AUD. You can send an email to the link in the web site under booking information, they will send you the registration form. If you are not Motec user, suggest just to attend ECU tuning and ECU advance tuning. The rest are quite product specific. Edited April 26, 2006 by Sheltie230

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ECU Tuning Group is North America's leading vehicle performance enhancer. Whether you drive a Mini Cooper or a Rolls Royce, our team of engineers guarantee that we will have software upgrades for the latest models before any other tuners in North America allowing the vehicles to perform like the factory engineers intended - leading maximized power and driving pleasure students. 0. £175.00 £60.00. COURSE DESCRIPTION We are offering the you the opportunity to home study our Autotuner ECU Remapping Tool Training Course, this will avoid downtime for... £175.00 £60.00 ECU and EFI 101: A beginner's guide to performance tuning. As he pulled into Toretto's Market & Cafe, Vince was disappointed with his '99 Nissan Maxima's performance after last night's street race. Talk to me, Jesse, this ain't working, he cried. It's your fuel map! said the scrawny cat as he climbed out of a modified.