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How to create a gallery wall up a staircase using Photoshop. 1 — We measured the wall we wanted to hang the pictures on. I decided that I wanted to keep all my pictures within a square, rather than have them coming down to the bottom of the staircase. This made things easier to plan too. 2 — I created a grid of that exact size in Photoshop. To do this, use measuring tape to determine the height, width and pitch of the stairwell wall. Jot down the measurements, then sketch the shape of the wall on a notepad. Use painter's tape to re-create the shape and scale of the wall directly onto the floor Use wax paper (several long pieces taped together) to outline your frames and hanging mechanism, then tape the wax paper it to your wall as a guide, explained here. If the pictures aren't hanging straight, or the frames did not come with a hanging mechanism, use 3M command adhesive velcro strips Hold your picture up to the wall and mark each keyhole fastener with a pencil. Use a drill to install screws onto all 4 corners, then slide your photo onto the wall using the fasteners. You can find keyhole fasteners at most hardware stores. Using 4 of the fasteners will keep your picture frame on the wall so it doesn't hang or swing downward

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  1. When you install pictures on the wall of your staircase you should try to keep them at least four feet off of each stair. Measure from the stair to the bottom of the frame. By using each stair as a measuring point you are more apt to get an even look when you put the pictures up
  2. The best way to do it is to start with the largest photos as anchors and work your way to the smaller ones. Then, once I was satisfied with the arrangement I cut out some newspaper in the size and shape of all of the frames, and we taped them up on the wall to match how they were laid out on the floor
  3. Hang one picture every two or three steps in matching frames and mats. For a more eclectic look, work with frames of various sizes and shapes, and cover the wall more densely. To anchor the design,..
  4. One of the best ways to decorate the wall next to your staircase is by putting together a collection of family photos. This could either be in the order of generations or a mix based on genders. If you are so inclined, then you can go for something like the eldest child of each generation or on the basis of people who look similar

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  1. The picture wall works really well to fill up the large wall without being too busy. Photo by Domus Nova - Look for industrial living room design inspiration This is a more contemporary use of the picture wall - with lots of different types of frames and pictures
  2. Dec 9, 2019 - Explore Christine Little Brags Blog's board Staircase and Walls going up, followed by 2709 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about staircase, home, home decor
  3. Not every staircase wall decor needs to be distinguished from the stair itself. Sometimes, creating a 'blending' decor is a great idea too. The stair that you just saw is a testament to this. Notice how the stairs and the wall are made of the same material: pallet. Thanks to this, the wall appears as if it blends with the stairs

If you want a 'stepped picture' arrangement for example (see above), mark vertical points at the top of every step or every 2-3 steps (at approx 60 inches in height or less depending on the height of your wall) until you have a straight line like below Choose the picture that you want to be the first picture towards the top of the stairs. Place a small pencil mark on the top of that picture frame in the center of the picture frame, as shown in Figure 4. Figure 4 - Mark center of picture frame Position the picture on the wall above the stairs where you would like it to hang, as shown in Figure 5 start by hanging the middle frame Your first step is to hang the middle frame. We found the center of the stairwell by measuring the handrail (on a diagonal - it works since you're also hanging the photos along a diagonal line) and finding the middle of it Wow With Wallpaper. Save your art collection for your living or dining room and update your traditional staircase, instead, by applying a bold, patterned wallpaper. This foyer uses a swirling, silver and blue wallpaper to enliven the walls and enhance the traditional white chair rail that frames the stairs Thank you so much for this post. I have been slowly collecting old family photos, art, frames and mirrors because I wanted to create an eclectic wall going up my stairs. I have been having all the stuff leaning up against a wall because I felt overwelmed by templates and how I should do it. You have inspired me to just go for it

Do this easily by starting to create frames of various types, sizes, shapes, textures, and appearances. Feel free to mix everything you like and put a variety of snapshots, paintings, posters, and other artwork in it to create eye-catching diverse gallery walls. Stairs are great because of the lots of open wall space they supply Group your art or photos on the floor in an angled arrangement that you'd like to see placed on the wall squarely with the stairs. Arrange the largest or more dominant ones first, horizontally.. Here's where my to-do list stands as of today: Caulk and paint the board and batten wall white, to match the trim. Replace the chandelier, add sconces to either side of the doorway into the office and add a matching flush mount in the hallway at the top of the stairs. Replace the area rug. The current one just isn't working well with two dogs Oct 31, 2020 - Explore Cathy Pearson's board Stairway photos, followed by 430 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about stairway photos, wall gallery, decor The key to an art gallery wall up the stairs is incorporating texture and mixed mediums. Mix up photos, paintings, framed and unframed works, etc. All the basic rules are the same. Start with.

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The trick with positioning Multiple Picture Frames is making use of space and planning layout. Staircases are a fairly common way of positioning pictures, so that as the stairs moves upwards, so do the parallel frames meaning as you go up the stairs, the pictures are always at face height A scaffold for a staircase would be nice, but there's no place around here that rents them out for a reasonable price. I came across an idea on YouTube to set a ladder up against a wall and then lay a board across the staircase and one of the rungs on the ladder, but there's no way I can transport a board of such length in my sedan 1. Wallpaper. Paste wallpaper to the riser of each stair-- switching up patterns makes it extra eye-catching, as in this pic. 2. Painted Stripes. Wonky painted stripes add color and character. Similarly, pictures hung high on the wall will improve a room's dimensions by distracting attention from the imposing wall surfaces at the viewer's eye-level. For instance, a gorgeous print high on the wall of a cramped bathroom will lend the stuffy room a sense of dignity. Use big pictures, if possible, but don't take up the entire wall space

If your stairs are narrow, consider hanging fewer pictures to give a more airiness aesthetic to the users experience while using the stairs. For wider stairwells, especially ones with an intermediate landing, consider larger pictures or even an art sculpture to create a focal point on your wall Photo: pinterest.com. You make the stairs safer, more secure, and more beautiful at the same time. You can't argue with the rope here. 8. Family Wall on Underside of Stairs Photo: gooosen.com. We're moving to the space under the stairs again, and I love how some people use the space to pay tribute to their family Before the renovation of this 1850s New York home, the stairs were covered in oriental carpet, and the walls were a bright salmon pink. Now, crisp white walls complement the dark steps, and a simple Moravian star lights up the entry

Above the first step, on the wall, draw a marker (small pencil cross) at a height of 1.65m (measure in the middle of the step). Now go to the last step and repeat the same operation. You will now materialize the base line with two pins planted at the two reference points and a sewing thread stretched between these two pins Painting in a stairwell can be difficult. I demonstrate an easy and efficient way to do this job, safely while achieving the best result How to Open Up an Interior Staircase. We used a chalk line to mark a diagonal on the drywall that butted up against the stairs. The stairs were our guide for how far down we took that wall, so it made sense to start tearing down the dry wall on the inside of the staircase. We used the ceiling line to go straight across that interior staircase wall How do I incorporate stairway decor? Stairway decorating ideas coincide a lot with hallway decor ideas — you want to add interest without interfering with the function of the stairs. Stick to photo frames and artwork with a slim profile so that you aren't knocking into them while walking up and down the stairway

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  1. To expand on Dave's post, an A-frame ladder and a plank will work for most situations. You can get an expandable model like the one I linked to below, with that you can have it set halfway up the stairs and have the ladder on the floor at the bottom and work across the whole wall
  2. 05. A few family photos displayed on the wall, above your desk or work area, can make this space feel more personalized. They can be made in black and white for a more artistic touch. 06. Creative Staircase Wall decorating idea with Family photo frames. 07. In this case we have a bunch of small photos organized beautifully in a large frame
  3. The larger portion under the stairs is taken up by my pantry. Cut a hole in the wall preferably when your wife isnt home. Be careful of any potential wires or plumbing that may be in the wall. I couldnt wait to put things under there. There is a 6ft christmas tree, 4 plastic tubs, kids rocking chair, a wreath and various other small items

Whether it's through a rich, colorful runner or a unique gallery wall, staircase design can expertly lead you from the motif of one space to another. Browse some of our favorites in traditional homes, contemporary bungalows, and everything in between. View Gallery 27 Photos. David Bader. 1 of 27 Carpeting on Stairs. If carpeting stairs, avoid red carpeting since it attracts misfortune. The color red is associated with the fire element. This brings an unsettling, fiery energy rushing up the stairs and scorching everything in its path. This can bring a loss of wealth, health and even relationships

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  1. g. To help you, we've compiled 21 affordable and easy DIY photo wall ideas. Many of these ideas for photos on wall, can be made into fun projects to do with your children, and the results wouldn't disappoint you. Photo wall ideas without frames 1. Colorful mosaic wall
  2. It's not a supporting wall, it's a cubbyhole. The support wall is the other side, which the stairs themselves only need to pin on the floor above. There won't be any block or solid wall on this side, it'll be a stud wall. Built for the same reason you mention - storage. You won't need anything for the stairs, not even acro support
  3. Video No. 390. Wall and Railing Options for stairs for a partial wall and railings, walls that are cut by stairs and walls on the outside of stairs
  4. SPECIFICS: North wall has entry door & 82W x 48H window. South wall is approx 97W & angled doorway into small hall then kitchen/dining room with view of patio door. West wall has open-back stairs with limited varying-height space underneath. East wall is 210W and shared with neighbor who had noise complaints about previous tenant

Choose family portraits or snapshots from vacations to make your family photo wall come to life. 12. Mix it Up. Generate a mix of styles in one wall gallery: photo clipboards, framed art and a wire board. Include an array of photo styles, too, like a cityscape and a close-up of your favorite people. The eyes are naturally drawn to a spread with. What do I need to know about lighting my stairs with a wall sconce? Install wall lighting in a stairway to illuminate a walking path and prevent injury, as well as provide decorative accents in the area. Step lights mounted directly into a stair's rise, or recessed above the steps in an adjacent wall are popular choices for a clean, modern look It's basically the process of using picture-frame molding to create panels. Adding Wainscoting to a Curved Wall. Recently, a friend of mine wanted to dress up the front entryway of his home. A stairway near the door had a curved wall that was very bare and rated blah at best on the interior design scale Picture Frames Gallery Wall Frames Shelves & Display Ledges Wall Clocks Wallpaper & Decals Artist Spotlight Melissa Koby Morgan Harper Nichols Lauren Herrera Aleksandra Zee Lupen Grainne Sale Up to 50% Off Wall Decor Clearance Trending Now New Arrivals Our Favorite Gallery Walls Ocean-Inspired Blues Coastal-Inspired Art Woven Wall Accents Best.

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Next, turn the picture over and measure from the top of the frame to the point the picture will hang. For pictures with a hanging wire and one hanging point, hook the metal end of a tape measure under the center of the wire. Pull up until the wire is taut, and measure up to the top of the frame. For frames with a wire that will have two hanging. Nicky Haslam teamed up with his former protegées, Jena Quinn and Lucy Derbyshire of Studio QD, to renovate this London house previously split into two flats to create an exuberantly elegant single home. In the sitting room, pictures are grouped in the alcove above the sofa against a wall covered in 'Bloomsbury' in merlot by Rose Tarlow from Tissus d'Hélène

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So I've got a foundation wall up against the stairs. Exactly one inch width of the stringer to work with and try to finish the wall. I see rigid foam insulation boards half inch (R3). I think I'd glue (?) those to the foundation. With some wood strips to affix drywall (probably need to use 1/4), or I'll do a ship lap treatment Hang your bikes under the stairs and free up floor and wall space in your home! You can also put up hooks on the wall for helmets, water bottles, a tire pump, and other biking equipment you need to store. With these unique under stairs storage ideas, you can maximize all the space in your home with style 1. Picture is 20″ tall 2. Middle is at 10″ (this mid point should rest at 57″ from the floor) 3. Wire comes to 2″ below the top 4. 10″ - 2″ = 8″ 5. Lightly mark 8″ above your first mark or 65″ on the wall 6. Hang up your art

It sets up in just 3 easy steps: Place the base on the lower stair and slide the upright into the base. Second, you slide the platform onto the upright, and lower it until the it sits level on the upper step. Third, insert the locking pins. That's all there is to it. Now you've got a stable, secure platform for your ladder Get your calculations right. We calculated the amount of panelling we needed 4 times and we still managed to miscalculate because we missed an entire wall. Both of us. Twice. The more panels you use the more expensive the project will be. The cost, especially if you panel all of the way up the wall quickly adds up With five panels, I would have six spaces, and six spaces at 3.5 inches wide gave me a total of 21 inches needed for the spaces between the picture frames. So I subtracted 21 inches from the total wall width (152 inches) and then divided that number by 5 to arrive at the width needed for each picture frame. 152 inches (total wall width) - 21. This Foyer has curved wainscot paneling going up the steps, with tall and wide flat pilasters flanking a paneled arch. The arch has two different radii, making the jamb splayed. Very difficult to make! There are also many architectural elements above the pilasters, like triglyphs, mutae and gutae. Photos Rick Albert carpet - nestleto Now place the trim on the sloping stringer and slide it up so the bottom of the trim projects up past the flat landing. Do so until the top of the trim intersects the pencil line you just drew on the wall. Use your pencil to trace a second line along the top of the sloped piece of trim. Draw the Mite

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The first thing I have to do is pop a long chalk line on the floor (usually about 14 ft.) directly below and parallel with the back edge of where the top tread has to end up on the second floor. The pivot point for the stairway will be along this line. Most curved stairs are 3 ft. 6 in. or 4 ft. wide. The stairway in this article was 3 ft. 6 in $50 faux board and batten by Little Blue Chairs | dining room stacked square wainscoting by LA LA Land And board and batten is a great wainscoting style for stairs and stair walls so long as you're willing to do some angular math!. foyer wainscoting by Impatiently Praying for Patience. Picture Frame Wainscoting. Picture frame style wainscoting is another popular style, especially in older. Photo by Tessa Neustadt for EHD . If you've been paying attention to the insta-stories from while we have been up in Portland working on the fixer-upper (more here), then you'll know that picking out window treatments especially for windows that aren't exactly obvious what you should do with them, isn't as easy as it sounds.There are multiple things to consider like, privacy. This is where you're going to need a second person to help, or maybe even two people! You'll need to keep this same distance from the stairs all the way up the stairs. So you'll need to mark the walls. With the hardware mounted, I was able to use a pencil and mark the center of the handrail bracket. STEP 6: Find and Mark the Stud

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But the one thing you must never do with your wainscoting is applied it half-way up the wall. Oh man, I saw this once during a consultation in a dining room, and it was horrible! I whipped out my tape measure, and yep, the top of the chair rail came in at exactly 48″ in a room with an eight-foot ceiling Step 1: Remove carpet from stairs. Before anything can change the old nasty carpet needs to be removed. Starting at a corner, begin pulling the carpet up. It helps to use long nose pliers, flat head screwdriver, and/or painter's tool If your staircase is alongside a wall, make the most of that space with attractive wallpaper, framed pictures and artwork. Stair spindles are a decorative element in their own right but you can jazz them up by painting them in a multi-tonal palette of complementary colours or graduating between dark and light To take up all the carpet tack strips, just place a flat head screw driver under the strip—tap in with the hammer and gently pry it up. Keep moving the screwdriver until the tack strip comes up. Do this same technique with all the 3,567,987 million staples

Step 3: I began applying the caulk at the top of the stairs on one side and stopped about halfway down. Then I went back to the top, dipped a gloved finger in a bit of water, and ran it along the bead of caulk to press it in to the seam and smooth it out. Just a bit of water helps here. I wiped excess caulk on to a paper towel 8 Outdoor Staircase Ideas Diy. Do Your Outside Stairs Add To Home Or Detract From It Rose. Second Floor Deck With Screened In Porch Design And Stairs 44. Exterior Garage Stairs Precision Property Maintenance. Second Story Concrete Deck Leseh Stairs Plans Home Elements And. Stairs From 2nd Floor Deck This Board Is A Contractors With The width of your stair runner is up to you; it really depends on how much of the wood tread and riser you want to be exposed. The majority of stair runners are 27″ or 30″ wide. My stair treads are 49.5 wide and my runner is 31 wide with 7 of exposed wood on either side. This does not include the exposed wood outside the baluster

The key is the length of the Paint Stick EZ-Twist. The paint gets suctioned up into the sleeve of the easy roller. What this means is that the roller is at it's longest point when it is full of paint. So as soon as you fill it with paint, start rolling as high up on the wall as you can reach. You'll have the greatest extension at this point Step 4: Add floating shelves and picture frames to the gallery wall. (Some of the helpful resources are sponsored or affiliate links. Full disclosure can be found here. ) I love floating shelves and ledge shelves because they offer a different way to display pictures, and mix up picture frames with other objects so the photo wall / TV wall. In the photo below, I was using one of the ends to push myself further off of the wall, which let me get to the midsection of the tallest part above the stairs. While the ladder, when straight, could lean against the wall perfectly fine, that only allowed me about three feet on either side to cut in. Since I needed to stretch out further, the L. The Stair Barrier is handcrafted in the USA and is made of Class 1 upholstery grade fabrics, internal plastic struts, heavy polypropylene webbing, and standard dual-side release buckles. The BB Regular Collection are barriers designed to fit stairs with an opening of 36″ inches to 42″ inches in width and the BB Wide Collection are barriers. In this article, we have gathered 20 original and different ideas for decorating the space under the stairs. 1. Light and pebbles. Save. homify. Request quote. homify. Request quote. A pebble bed and soft lights make a good pair - perfect for decorating and brightening up the area under a low staircase

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I only took the wall measurements once, which were wrong, and ended up cutting the board about 10cm too short for the wall (*smacks head on keyboard*). I had to cut off a bit more board to fill in the gap which wasn't the end of the world, but was a bit of a pain, wasted valuable allotted DIY time and made the final result not so seamless Creating a Gallery Wall. A large gallery display of photographs is an attractive way to infuse any room with warmth and style. Since I love taking pictures (especially of my daughters) and had a large unused wall, I wanted to create a striking photo display but wasn't sure exactly how to do it and achieve the effect I was looking for Those using the StairSteady push the bar along the rail to help them balance when they want go up and down the stairs. The bar uses friction to lock itself in place so users can pull themselves up to the next step. It will lock in place if the user falls or stumbles. When not in use, the handle can be pushed flat against the wall When hanging your pictures, always hang them in relation to the furniture sitting below. With your couch off-centered on the wall, focus on hanging your painting centered above the couch to create a great focal point for your living room. As you see in the bottom image, if you were to hang your piece centered with the wall, the entire furniture.

I have also poured a retaining wall up to the house. The finished, product would cover 12 inches of the house, the first floor framing by 14ft.. I can still install flashing and other waterproofing but if I just need to knock down the retaining wall and start over the I will have to do that. It will be a ton of work The second is that width of the work, or works of art, should take up about 2/3 the width of the sofa. If you have a small interior, use a mix of small and medium sized pictures to fill up that space. If you have a lot of wall space to fill or a large sofa, go for bigger pictures A photo wall gallery can instantly transform and any room and when you use your favorite family photos, it also is an inexpensive option for wall art, too! Today I want to show you how to create a great gallery wall, some great examples of photo walls and share some great tips and tricks along the way Sit in a chair and have someone hold the picture against the wall, moving it up and down so you can evaluate the look. Consider size: A large framed piece over a sofa or sideboard relates more easily when hung so the bottom of the frame is positioned six-to-12 inches above the top of the sofa back or tabletop

For most pictures, the only other tools you'll need are a hammer, a screwdriver, and a carpenter's level, preferably 24 inches long. When hanging something at an average eye level, position its center 57 to 60 inches from the floor. Use the following formula: Divide the height of the frame by two; from that number, subtract the distance from. Stairway landings: It's best if stairs proceed up the wall without a landing in the middle or other type of break. If there is a break, consider lighting the steps or wall of the stairs to create good energy and help the chi move up and down the stairs For heavy pictures, secure the hangers to wall studs if you can. Take a look at How to Find Wall Studs for tips on locating the studs. The weight ratings for picture-hanging hardware are based on securing the hanger into a stud. Below are steps for hanging pictures with different types of hardware

With a little cleaning up, your stairs may be the perfect platform for a makeover. Want to know how to wallpaper your stairs? A staircase is often overlooked as a vehicle for adding texture and colour, particularly in a hallway, and is often just thought of as a means of getting from one floor to another, but it can become a welcoming focal point and add amazing interest to your home The picture here shows the stairs AFTER the chemical stripper was scraped off. It was only the first step of removing the old color, but it made the rest of the project move much more quickly. The time (a day) and cost of the stripper was less than the time and cost of using sanding pads to get through that old poly Step 6 Instructions. Then we determined how far we want the skirt to go past the stairs. I choose 4 for our stairs. Enough to give an even reveal of the skirt around the stairs, and still leave enough room for the baseboard to make the end corner. So from this distance, use a level to mark a straight line vertically near the bottom end of the. Pictures are usually displayed all around a room, rather than on just one wall, and rarely match in size and shape. To unify the group, use similar frames or a colour theme that runs through it. When hanging pictures, don't try to line up the tops or bottoms of the frames. Instead, use the mid-point of each picture or grouping as a guide. 11 My stairs are el cheapo mdf, but hopefully paint will hide a multitude of sins. I have a lot of filling and sanding to do, due to the staples from the carpet. It has taken me 5 hours to do five stairs - if I was paying someone, it would be cheaper to remove the stairs and replace them!!

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Here's what it's like to go up and down the stairs and where they lead to. For more with the cast of The Big Bang Theory , check out our interviews on the carpet of the SAG Awards this past Sunday You may want to hang family pictures along the wall going up the stairs to draw the energy up. However, do not place family pictures there if they face the front door directly. If you would like a thorough and personalized consultation, we can go through all areas of your home via video chat with a mobile device

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The right staircase can dramatically improve the look of a home. Ready-made options are available from industry manufacturers. However, a straight flight of stairs is a DIY project that many homeowners can do. Plus, building a staircase from scratch may be a more budget-friendly option Space under the stairs is easy to ignore because it's so well hidden. If the stairs aren't carpeted, carefully pry up a tread and use a flashlight to look underneath. If prying up a tread isn't an option, cut a small inspection hole in the drywall - it's much easier to patch a small drywall hole than replace a large piece Assemble individual boxes into staircase configuration. Tie boxes together with 1-1/2″ wood screws. Then, attach entire staircase assembly to wall with longer 3″ screws. Make sure to hit the wall studs so that entire stairs are securely anchored in place

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First of all I love how your stairs turned out! Second, I love how you decorated them.. so simple! I wanted to do something like that but my home was on a house tour.. maybe not practical for 250 people going up the stairs! I love all your projects:) Keep them coming! Reply Delet In many cases I find that the relationship between the pictures and the stairs does not give a pleasing visual effect, as shown in Figure 1. Picture Wall Staircase Stairway Gallery Wall Staircase Wall Decor Stairway Decorating Frame Gallery Pictures On Stairs Hanging Pictures Picture Arrangements Family Wall Deco Next up: the basement stairs! Because they were clearly cobbled together with a variety of woods, we knew right away that we would paint them. Side note: as you can see in this post, we have since replaced the flooring and the wall color (It's now Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee ) after our basement flooded

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Decks and outdoor stairs can develop wobbly railings, often due to a wobbly bottom post. Here's how to do it right, without having to set the post in concrete. An important step in building deck step railing is to stiffen up posts at the bottom of outdoor stairs or deck railings by bolting them on. If you don't, I'll be nice and show you the after picture again when we put up the chair rail and framed boxes I liked it, but wanted to try something different. We have textured walls, so I was a little scared to try this, but I have seen others do board and batten and wainscoting with textured walls and it looked great Gallery walls are beautiful to look at. If you have large photo prints and artwork but aren't exactly sure how to hang pictures on a wall, you've come to the right place. We'll be including a step-by-step hanging method using craft paper and tape, a guide on where to hang pictures, and some fun picture wall ideas to create beautiful walls in any room On most straight staircases, the outside edge of the rail is about 6 from the wall (or furthest obstruction). Rail-to-wall measurements for curved models will vary depending on the shape of your stairs and the turns it needs to make, but most straight sections are usually about 6 from the wall. How do you measure for a stair lift

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Determine the height where you want the skirt board to sit along the wall next to your stairs. Snap a chalk line marking it. Lay sheets of loose-leaf paper against the wall in the angle formed by each riser and tread up to the chalk line. Using scissors, cut out any rounded bull noses or other details If joint pain or recent surgery makes taking the stairs feel daunting, the right techniques - unaided or with a cane, crutches* or handrail - can make it easier and reduce your risk of falls. Here's how. The Basics . Go up with the good, down with the bad. When going up, lead with your strongest leg. When going down, lead with the weaker one Wait for the stain to soak in and dry for about 10 minutes. Wipe off excess stain with a wet cloth. Continue applying, drying, and wiping stain at different sections of the stairs until everything is coated. Optional: add second or third coats between days. Next, paint a coat of the primer onto your spindles If there is a base molding running down the wall where the stairs meet the wall, then measure the angle where it meets the horizontal base molding. You should get somewhere around 145 degrees. Subtract that number from 180 and then divide the result by 2: 180 - 145 = 35, then 35/2 = 17.5. That is the miter angle The stairs of this apartment are all maintained in white and are mixed with wall mounted large white wooden bookcase. A splendid way to accommodate your loft, making it more appealing and functional. Such a fine interior design works well with contemporary homes, brightening up the whole interior with modern elegance and natural wood accents

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Stairs From Carpet to Wood. 11 materials. $100. 4 Days. Medium. My husband and I recently tore the carpet from our stairs and painted the wood underneath creating a fresh, clean, and modern look! We did this project over a full weekend and two additional weeks nights following. Stairs Before The bars should be firmly secured to the wall at elbow height to provide maximum support. Be sure to test that they can hold an adult's body weight without becoming detached from the wall or post. If possible, arrange for the handrail to continue a little further than the length of the staircase, for optimum safety The frames are a purely decorative element that breaks up expanses of wall and add architectural interest. Popular locations include an entry, a hallway, a stairway, a living room, or a dining room. You can give the area inside a frame a distinctive treatment by choosing a different paint color from the rest of the wall and even choosing a. Once we have a picture of your space we will do an online design meeting with you and show you how your stair will be custom built for your space. We do not give you a generic stair that may or may not fit your space - we build your stair your way and let you pick all of the options Beautiful! Do you find that the stairs are noisier without carpet? We'd like to take the carpet off ours because it's so annoying to vacuum-but we live in a row house with the stairs along a shared wall; we can hear our neighbors going up and down stairs (and they have carpet) so we don't want to increase the noise we make that they can hear I think that socks on stairs can be dangerous, either wood or carpet. Another factor for us, was the fact that only one bedroom was up these stairs. Pretty much only the teenager that was living up there, traveled up those stairs regularly and myself to clean. In addition, to these factors, my kids were older. All of them teenagers