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  1. White cotton stuff does not start to appear for no reason, The main reason for white fluffy stuff in your fish tank is the presence of fungus and parasites. There are few reasons behind that allow the growth of these fungus and parasites inside the aquarium. Further more, these will infect the fish as well and will make them unwell
  2. 50. Get it as soon as Fri, Jun 25. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices. $20.83 (3 new offers) ibasenice Aquarium Hood- PE Aquarium Screen Hood Clear Mesh Hood DIY Fish Tank Mesh Screen Hood Fish Tank Replacement Hood for Aquarium Fish Tank Covering (1. 22
  3. Aquarium Lighting: Fish Tank Lights and Hoods. Lighting can bring your aquarium to life in the aesthetic sense while also serving the functional purpose of helping live plants grow. As you shop, consider the following: Aquarium lights are specifically designed for the size of your setup as well as its water depth
  4. White, mold-like coating often isolated to a single ornament (especially natural ornaments like driftwood) in a freshwater tank. This is usually a sign of fungus or decomposition. If the slime is translucent in appearance, it is more likely to be a fungal growth
  5. To keep mold and algae under control, you can add suckerfish and snails to your fish tank. Snails like freshwater aquariums while suckfishes like a tropical aquarium. Fish Tank Mold Types. Five types of mold can appear in your fish tank- green fungus, black fungi, black beard algae, white fungi, algae. 1. Green fungu
  6. g on the top of your glass tank, you're probably seeing the result of the evaporation of hard water.The residue left behind is likely a lime (calcium carbonate plus additional ions) build-up on the glass called.
  7. Yes, I have a lid, but there is a gap about the width of my hand and the length of my arm at the back of the tank ( It was bought with this gap though. Nothing has been modified) Should I close this gap in the back? I have a blue fluorescent lamp and it seems that the white substance is drawn to this lamp. Thank you for the heads up of hot.

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  1. White Mold: Is It Dangerous & How to Remove It. White mold is lesser-known but still an incredibly dangerous species of mold to deal with. If you're ever unsure of what type you have, calling in certified professionals to perform mold testing services immediately is important. With that said, we've learned quite a bit about white mold in our many years of mold inspection and removal
  2. Step 1 & 2: Tank Lid & Fish. Put on the mask. Take the lid to another surface away from the tank and tank contents. Wash hands thoroughly. Fill a separate container with water (not from tap) and place the fish in there. (Be sure the fish are nowhere near the area you have chosen to clean the lid in.
  3. As soon as I saw the betta sick: at the bottom of the tank, I moved him to a 1 gallon jar. i treated the water with conditioner and moved the heater from the tank to the jar. The tank seems to have some mold or fungus ( where the fish was before). I am.
  4. Can Fish Tanks Cause Mold? Various types of molds can grow in a fish tank. The area of mold shows dark brown to black color, these are unhealthy and lethal for the life of fish. In some cases, they cause syndromes and allergies, and fish goes through the treatment process. The mold lies in the bottom and sides of the tank, they are contagious in all forms, and the tank itself is responsible.
  5. White fungus or mold in fish tanks is caused by the presence of a sufficient area and environment for its development. The kind that would be created by driftwood in an aquarium . Essentially, the wood releases sugars (carbohydrates) and other delicious nutrients that feed the fungus, as well as bacteria in the tank, and aid them to thrive
  6. Mold on tank lid (Image courtesy of Tim Regan from Flickr) Consequences of Mold. Mold, on its own, is unattractive in a fish tank. It covers the glass, obscuring the view. This green film is often mistaken for algae in the average fish tank. White mold: White fungus can start green before turning brown and then changing to a white color. It.
  7. While mold can grow on the side of a fish aquarium, mold on submerged tank decorations or floating in the water itself is more typically algae or fungus. You can quickly remove these substances with a thorough cleaning, but must resolve any water chemistry problems to keep mold from returning

The homemade recipe for mold removing solution is, making a solution of 50% ammonia (NH3) and clean water in a bottle and spraying it on the affected surface. Ammonia kills mold to the microscopic levels and destroys the harmful mycotoxin that mold spores release from it Plastic Tank Lids or Manways as they're commonly called can be purchased individually through Plastic-Mart.com. We offer various sizes of plastic tank lids. Replacement Lids with collar assembly can easily be installed by the end user Weird Fungus White Stuff Growing In My Aquarium Fish Tank You. Of The White Fluff In Brand New Tank 213482 Algae. The Plasmodium Of This Slime Mold Is On Gl A Freshwater. White Mold Like Substance On Live Rock Aquarium Advice. Plants Have Some Type Of White Fungus On Them Bad Safe Problem. White Slime Fungus On New Drift Wood Aquarium Advice In most cases mold and algae on the sides of a fish tank can be resolved with a good cleaning. In some rare instances, you may have to replace the water in the tank or treat it to discourage recurring mold, but generally just keeping the sides of the tank clean will resolve the problem. However, if the problem has taken over the entire fish.

Calcium buildup, common in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, creates a chalky, white crud on your aquarium. Commercial products that remove calcium buildup aren't necessarily safe for your fish and plants -- never use glass cleaner. Scrub off calcium buildup and work to prevent its return Molds can become a severe problem in your fish tank. While mold can grow on the side of a fish aquarium, mold on submerged tank decorations or floating is more typically algae or fungus. You can quickly remove mold with a thorough cleaning but must resolve any water chemistry problems to keep it from returning Umbra 460410-660 FishHotel Unique Glass 2 Gallons Mini Aquarium Tank Bowl for Goldfish Betta Glofish and Small Fish perfect as Home Business Birthday Gift Ideas, White. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 578. $54.85. $54. . 85. Sleek modern home for your betta fish that will look great on your countertop or in your office. Best Seller Trash everything, tank included. Put the fish in a new Tupperware container (that has some decor to prevent added stress) each day or several times per day for several days, then wait to see if the mold returns before buying all new stuff - tank, plants, etc. Use a new piece of tulle as a net for each transfer. Aquarium salt An aquarium cover or lid serves several key purposes. First and foremost, it prevents the fish from jumping out. It also prevents items from falling into the aquarium and keeps out other curious household pets. Lids reduce evaporation by sealing over the top of the aquarium. Without a lid, you have to top off the water much more frequently, and.

It has also spread to the lid. It looks like mold and I don't see any of the white fuzz under the water at all. The fish all seem fine and the parameters are: Temp: 80°f Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrate: 10-20ppm Nitrite: 0ppm pH: 6.8-7 I dosed with Seachem stress guard just in case and removed 99% of the floaters with white fuzz, and cleaned the lid. Easley, South Carolina USA. Oct 12, 2009. #4. It's referred to as salt creep, but it could also be hard water deposits. You don't need to use aquarium salt during waterchanges. Freshwater fish do not like salt. If you were keeping a brackish tank you would use marine salt, not aquarium salt

Oct 6, 2014. #3. I also wouldn't attribute this large an issue on one fish tank. Tou don't mention if this tank is covered, and this is one reason why open-top aquaria can be a problem. If the tank is covered, evaporation into the room is very minimal. But the condensation that you see on the cover glass in the morning will tell you how much. Online shopping for Aquarium Hoods - Fish & Aquatic Pets from a great selection at Pet Supplies Store. Aquarium Glass Lid, Aquarium Glass Top. 4.6 out of 5 stars 931. $76.99 $ 76. 99 ($76.99/Count) FREE Shipping. H2Pro Glass Canopy 2Piece Set for Marineland Perfecto 70/75/90/110 Gallon 48x18 Aquarium Fish Tank (Eachpiece Measure 22.68 x 16. If the lid seal was intact, it's impossible for it to be mold. If you have a Ball canning book, look in the section called Problem Solver and you will find this: Condition: Black spots on underside of lid. Cause: Natural compounds in some foods cause brown or black deposits on the underside of lid

1.3.7 7) Decomposed dead fish. 1.3.8 8) External greasy matters. 1.4 How to get rid of white film formation on top of aquarium water. 1.4.1 1) Have a powerful air pump with an airstone. 1.4.2 2) Have a surface skimmer. 1.4.3 3) Have an effective chemical filtration. 1.4.4 4) Manual removal with paper towels It was filthy - covered with mildew and mold. The gasket sits directly over the lip of the bottle - yes the part that your mouth touches. It is no wonder the bottle smelled bad and the water tastes a little off. Now the gasket is seated way inside the cap or lid. You need a very thin knife or a paper clip to pick it off. Not the easiest process My mopani driftwood, added to two 1/2- to 3/4-cycled new planted freshwater tanks with no fish in them, has developed the dreaded, controversial white fungus. I tried to find out what to do, but all the advice I can find disagrees on whether it will infect the fish and what should be used to treat it. After reading so much conflicting information, I'm completely confused and discouraged (Aluminium tends to adhere the fish to the tray.) NON STICK FISH PANS Custom made to your specs in plastic H.D. Poly Sheets have a -55 degree working temperature. These poly sheets are Food Grade and come in white as well as custom colours of light grey, light blue, etc. Standard thickness: 1/8 to 3/16

Majestic® Aquarium Stands And Canopy Design. There are many different designs on the market when it comes to aquarium stands and canopies. Through our vast experience in the aquarium service business (SerenityUSA.com) where we service hundreds of aquariums ongoing, we have found that an open concept aquarium canopy top is the best long-term solution As we have already established, the main cause of white stains on aquarium glass is evaporating hard water, which leaves calcium residue on the fish tank lid. As such, the easiest way to keep the white grime at bay is using distilled aquarium water instead of tap water with traces of minerals like calcium

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Fluval SEA EVO Saltwater Kit - 13.5 gal. USD 169.99. USD 169.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Add to Compare. Penn Plax New World Habitat Tank - Large - 3.8 gal - Assorted Colors. Regular Price: USD 21.99 133. Ty for your replies. Definitely not sponge as its all over the bottom of any rock not exposed to light and this was life rock not live rock. Its a white furry film. I have noticed mildew also at the top of the tank for the sump return hosing as well come to think of it. Like actual white mold

Nicrew Adjustable 11 to 19-Inch LED Hood Light Aquarium Fish Tank Decor Blue White. 4.9 out of 5 stars. (44) Total Ratings 44, $24.99 New. $20.00 Used. Aqueon LED Background Hood 30 015905211079. 5 out of 5 stars. (2 Step 1: Test the Water Quality. If your aquarium is newly established and has not been cycled yet, you need to test the water to determine if it has 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrites, and less than 40 ppm nitrates. (For more info, find out how to cycle your aquarium .) Higher levels of these waste compounds can be dangerous for fish Don't: Get the LEDs wet. Even though an LED may be water resistant or water proof, it doesn't mean it's designed to be submerged and used underwater. Exposing your LEDs to water for any length of time will damage the LED circuit board and likely cause your heat sink and hardware to corrode 24-inch hood for 20-gallon fish tanks 1. Aqueon Aquarium Black 24″ Fluorescent Deluxe Full Hood This 20-gallon fish tank hood by Aqueon is designed for a range of aquarium sizes that are 24 inches long. Made out of durable plastic, it snugly fits in the inside lip of the frame of major aquarium brands

Keeping a fish tank is a beloved hobby for some people. Maintaining it requires great care and attention. One of the biggest problems every fish tank owner faces is tank glass stains. These stains tend to build-up over time and obscure the fishes from view. There are two common types of stains, hard water and algae White Worms, Enchytraeus albidus, are commonly cultured by aquarists as a form of fish food, more specifically live fish food. They can be fed to a wide variety of fish fry and smaller adult fish species. They are also fed to newts, salamanders, and some frogs. When the white worms are submerged underwater, they will wiggle rapidly, making them. Vintage Ironstone Fish Mold, Mid Century Fish Shaped White Ceramic Mold, Kitchen Mold, French Country Kitchen Decor ChickadeeNestVintage. 5 out of 5 stars (644) Sale Vintage French pot-Terracotta confit pot-Terrine lidded- pottery with lid-Antique Terrine-Ceramic Pate Mold Foie Gras Terrine VoilaBrocante. 5 out of 5 stars (146) $ 25.20. White algae is a fairly common form of fish tank algae. It isn't dangerous for the fish but it can be a nuisance because it grows quickly and can envelop your fish tank. This type of algae is most often caused by having too much sunlight as well as improper nutrient levels. Is white algae dangerous? White water mold is a fungus As well as my Axolotl tank and CFBN tank I also have a Fluval edge for my tropical fish. This tank has been up and running for around 2 years and a few days ago I found what looks like white spiders web on the inside. I have searched the web, and the closest I can find is that it may be slime mould

The Water Garden grows year around and comes with EVERYTHING you need to get started —no green thumb or big backyard needed. $30 of BONUS Special Offers Inside including a coupon for your Betta fish. Choose between hydroponics (just water + plants) or aquaponics (water + fish + plants) — the Water Garden is the most fun, beautiful, and easy-to-grow planter on you'll find REPLACEMENT FLUVAL SPEC 19L PLASTIC AQUARIUM COVER LID FISH TANK LED LIGHT. 4 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - REPLACEMENT FLUVAL SPEC 19L PLASTIC AQUARIUM COVER LID FISH TANK LED LIGHT. £10.95 Acrylic fish tanks have some advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic aquariums are much lighter, durable and less prone to leaks, and manufacturers can bend and shape tanks into many different forms, such as corner units, bow front tanks, globes, hexagons and even creatively designed betta tanks! If you live in an earthquake prone area, acrylic.

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Lightly dust the soil with ground cinnamon. Cinnamaldehyde, the stuff that gives regular cinnamon its flavor and scent, acts as the perfect natural fungicide and prevents mold growth. Try to get an even distribution and remember that it only takes a thin layer. Do not water until the top two inches of soil are dry A newly set up aquarium is not ready for fish on the first day. A new aquarium set up should be run for a minimum of 2 to 3 days before the first fish are introduced. 4. Adding too many fish to a new aquarium. A new aquarium is a biological clean slate. The microbes that filter water and create balance in the aquarium are not established and a.

POLYCARBONATE LID FOR A 5 GAL AQUARIUM,TANK STYLE 1. $8.00. $8.85 shipping. 11 watching. Crisa 5 Gallon Glass Water Bottle Fish Tank Lamp. $175.00. 0 bids. or Best Offer. Ending May 24 at 7:51AM PDT Properly scrub the sides of the tank and also the underside of its lid. Rinse both the areas with clean and clear water. Enable the water connection and flush until the bleach solution is fully gone. Toilet Tank Mold Prevention Tips. Following certain tips and tricks will help you avoid mold in the toilet tank Bought fish at a pet store, Put fish in tank after acclimating them to tank. The next day I noticed an odor from the tank. I did some research and did the following—day 3 of fish intro, I started feeding only once a day, turned off the light at night, purchased a siphon took about ¾ of water out siphoned some junk out of the bottom and put.

In my 3rd tank which I painstakingly tried to be as perfect of a tank as possible, after learning from everything from my first two tanks, The water quality is: Temp - 73 F. PH - 6.4 - 6.6. GH - 4 to 6. KH - 0 to 1. Sponge filter. Marineland Penguin BioWheel 200 HOB. Layer of Fluval Shrimp Stratum on bottom and Moon sand on top. Xmas moss onl 300 Gallon Ace Roto-Mold White Pallet Tank. Images may be inaccurate. See specs table below to ensure accuracy. Quick Summary. Part#. MPN: SP0300-PP / Store ID: X4204027. Dimensions. 50 Length x 43 Width x 47 Height. Liquid Access

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Buy discount Fish tanks from Swell UK, 100's available from all leading brands at the best price, guaranteed. Free delivery options and 60 day returns. Starting an aquarium doesn't have to be a difficult task. At Swell UK we have an extensive range of fish tanks for sale at great value prices from those cheaper, more affordable tanks to 'to. A completely cured paint with fully evaporated solvents is aquarium safe. Never use paints that are mold-resistant as these are toxic to fish. For efficiency, a good rule of thumb is that oil-based products will best stick to glass where water-based products will flake off with time. Latex-based products will break down water-based ones

Once a week the lids should be wiped down with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Spray isopropyl on to a paper towel and clean the fish tank lid. Be careful not to push any of the debris on the lid in to the tank. Weekly Canister and sump filters along with carbon media need to be replaced weekly. Maintenance is typically performed with the system running If you have owned a fish tank, you are probably familiar with the dreaded brown film that can quickly take over its interior. This film is known as Silica Algae or Brown Algae, and it begins as brown patches on the gravel or glass of the tank. Once established, it can rapidly coat most surfaces of the aquarium with a thin, dark brown coating

A Lid - screen lid w/clips or aquarium lid Heat Source - under tank heater for use on back of tank, or heat lamp Water Dechlorinator - for fish or reptile Substrate - silica playsand and/or cocofiber 2 Water Bowls for salt and fresh - they need to be deep enough to submerge in Salt Mix - made for saltwater fish onl The black mold you see in your tank is most probably black algae. However, it could also actually be black mold. If it is black algae, you can remove it using a siphon, by cleaning your tank regularly, and by introducing algae-eating fish. If it is mold, the best way to remove it is by doing a deep clean of your tank and getting a more powerful. 1.1 Change Your Tank Filter Media. 1.2 Do Regular Water Changes. 1.3 Create A Sterile Environment. 1.4 Don't Leave Food Particles In Fish Tank. 1.5 Take Out the Aquarium Plants. 1.6 Adding Conditioner will help to get rid of bugs from the fish tank. 1.7 Clean Aquarium Walls With Magnetic Cleaner

I come from the dark ages, so my solution is likewise old fashioned. What you have is most likely algae, not mold. Increasing the capacity of the air pump(s) will help. I found that an undergravel filter with a couple of inches of filter floss bet.. How to Remove Mold From a Toilet Tank. The dangers of mold are well documented, and eradicating it from your home is an important hygiene issue. Unfortunately, the wet, dark environment inside. Grindal worms (Enchytraeus buchholzi) are a small white non-parasitic worms that live in the soil. They are similar to White worms that are commonly used by aquarists. However, these worms are smaller than White worms and their care differs slightly. Grindal worms are great food for large fry and adult fish. This species was discovered by Mrs. Morten Grindal of Sweden who was attempting to.

Look at your fish tank. You want to notice your beautiful pets. What you don't want to first take notice of is algae growing all over the tank. Think about how long it has been since you have cleaned your plastic fish tank. Chances are it is time to do it again Cistern tanks are intended for bulk storage or collection of potable water and designed for below ground level installations. Tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors and feature a trapezoidal, deep rib design. Tanks feature a custom-molded gasket in the lid

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Remove the Water Level Guide and then clean inside the reservoir with a damp, non-abrasive lint-free cloth as necessary. Replace the Water Level Guide and lower the lid when finished. Directly. 12centfish. Members. 22 posts. Location:georgia. Report post. Posted August 11, 2008. I have a problem recently with thick white crusty crud growing on the outside of my aquarium lid on my 55g tank. It is almost impossible to scrub off. Is there an easy way to clean this? any magical product out there (that is safe for turtles and fish) 356260, 16 HINGED LID WITH RED HINGE. RING FITS 16-3/8 HOLE IN TANK, HYPRO 356260, 16 HINGED LID WITH RED HINGE Aquarium canopies are often decorative, but serve the same purpose as a lid and a hood - a tight covering to control evaporation and escaped fish, and a base for the lighting. For large tanks (55 gallons and over), you may need to purchase two or more lids to go side by side across the top of the tank. Some brands offer a 2-pack for this purpose Reef Octopus LUX T60 32gal Aquarium-White. $1,450.00. add Add to Cart favorite_border sync remove_red_eye. star_border star_border star_border star_border star_border. Clear-for-Life 30S 36Lx12Wx16H Rectangle Uniquarium 30 Gallon Aquariums @ Fish Tanks Direc

How do white worms end up in the tank. Worms can enter into the tank through plants, new fish, snacks/food that is given to the fishes, or other new inhabitants of the aquarium like a snail, etc. White worms also get transferred from the water and gravel of the infested tank The symptoms induced by white mold include allergic reactions, respiratory infections, eye irritations, dizziness, nausea, headaches, and even depression. If you suspect you or a family member has been affected by mold exposure, consult a doctor and have the mold removed immediately. White mold is just one type of mold that can invade your home.

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Step 1: Test the Water Quality. If your aquarium is newly established and has not been cycled yet, you need to test the water to determine if it has 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrites, and less than 40 ppm nitrates. (For more info, find out how to cycle your aquarium .) Higher levels of these waste compounds can be dangerous for fish Plus, certain algae can look attractive and make an aquarium seem more natural. However, most people don't like their appearance, especially in planted tanks, since it blocks the scenery and viewing area in a fish tank. The reality is that there is no such thing as a perfect planted aquarium that is 100% free of algae Maintaining your fish tank's water quality is key to keeping your fish safe from this condition. Also, be sure to feed your fish high-quality food and avoid overcrowding them. Test the water frequently and observe your fish for signs of stress. Fin/tail rot. If you see that your fish's fins or tail are frayed and the edges appear white. Hi, In my 3rd tank which I painstakingly tried to be as perfect of a tank as possible, after learning from everything from my first two tanks, The water quality is: Temp - 73 F PH - 6.4 - 6.6 GH - 4 to 6 KH - 0 to 1 Sponge filter Marineland Penguin BioWheel 200 HOB Layer of Fluval Shrimp Stratum.

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A newly set up aquarium is not ready for fish on the first day. A new aquarium set up should be run for a minimum of 2 to 3 days before the first fish are introduced. 4. Adding too many fish to a new aquarium. A new aquarium is a biological clean slate. The microbes that filter water and create balance in the aquarium are not established and a. Shop for Aquarium Hoods & Canopies in Fish Tank & Aquarium Decoration & Accessories. Buy products such as Tetra LED Hood 30 Inches by 12 Inches, Low-Profile Aquarium Hood with Hidden Lighting at Walmart and save Like a solid non-see through storage container or tote. The container must have a tight fitting lid. Now, with the container lid you will need to puncture several small breathing holes in the lid (only lid.) White Worms need good oxygen exchange to survive. Now, you will need to prepare bedding for your White Worms Mineral Deposits In An Aquarium: Buildup & Removal. Aquarium mineral deposits and buildup occur in a tank as water evaporates. Mineral deposits can appear as thin white bands on the glass near the water line. Deposits often grow wider as water levels drop. Mineral buildup can also appear on other hard surfaces above the water line Our Premium Plastic Water Tanks are made from a food grade, UV stabilized polyethylene and are manufactured using the Roto-Molding Process. The Green color of our plastic water storage tanks reduces algae growth and blends in with the environment. Our Water Tanks are available in sizes up to 15,000 gallons. All of our products can be ordered.

I'm cleaning my Betta fish weekly. There is always this white cloudy substance in the tank. When I clean my fish tank I always put in water conditioning and water clarifier. I don't over feed my betta. Help what am I doing wrong. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on January 28, 2017: @ Whodoo: I would not use any type of chemical solution to clean. Glass Aquariums. Our custom glass aquarium packages below are specifically designed by our full-time service experts to have the proper size and flow ratings depending on a certain size aquarium. Plenty of additional circulation, aeration, flow, skimming capacity, and surface area of bio filtration are accounted for in these packages with. Plastic Tanks. Protank offers polyethylene and polypropylene plastic tanks ranging from 1 gallon to 20,000 gallons in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Specific gravity ratings from 1.0 to 2.0 are available for water and chemical storage. Higher specific gravity ratings are applicable for a wide selection of chemical applications I have a male betta fish. I have had him for a couple months now. I moved him from a 2.5 gallon tank to a 5 gallon tank yesterday. Today I noticed that the tank was really cloudy and my fish was barely moving. He is a white fish and from today to yesterday his tail has red in it. He is at the bottom of the tank a lot in the corners and barely.

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Mid Century Ceramic Blue Iridescent Koi Fish Shell Soap Trinket Dish Holland Mold MCM. FugitiveKatCreations. 5 out of 5 stars. (5,242) Sale Price $14.44. $14.44 GloFish HalfMoon Bubbling With Blue LED Bubbler Aquarium Kit 3 Gallons. (19) $31.49 was $41.99. Imagitarium Glass Betta Fish Mantra Tank. Marina Betta Aquarium White EZ Care Plus kit. (29) $14.99 was $22.99. Imagitarium Cylindrical Betta Fish Desktop Tank Kit, 1.6 gal

Shop Chewy for low prices and the best fish aquariums and starter kits! If you're just getting started with new pet fish or are shopping for a new home for your fish, Chewy has you covered with glass and plastic aquariums, from brands like Fluval, Koller and Tetra. *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service White water mold generally resembles tissue-paper or white mucus. This is one reason why many people are unable to identify it as a type of fungus as it is generally perceived as a black slimy matter. For your reference, we have attached white water mold images. This will certainly give you a better idea of how the fungus looks like An opaque lid and no lights will mean the Blue-Green Algae has no way to survive. Once this has been done you can do another partial water change and get rid of the airstone you included. 3. Cladophora (aka Blanket Weed) Cladophora is a type of aquarium algae that's a pain to get rid of Turtle shelves also available for 18 inch wide tanks - price on application Turtle Tanks available in a range of sizes. The 2 foot Tank has a one ramp, while the larger tanks have a removable shelf and ramp for ease of cleaning The excess fish food that sinks to the bottom of the tank becomes the main food source for worms lurking in the substrate. Cutting off leftovers is the best treatment for any bristle worm infestations

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